Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July, Celebration?

I really love the fourth of July. I love celebration, I love remembering, I love fireworks. But then I had kids. Last year Emily and Hannah hung out inside with Auntie Pammy, while Bryan and I got to let off fireworks and have a great time. Yesterday, as we were getting in the car, Emily heard a firework go off and has been COMPLETELY afraid of fireworks since then. Everytime one goes off she yells, "mommy!!" And hides under her blanket. So I'm not sure how much of a celebration we are going to get this year. I hope she starts to get use to them. But am really sad that she is SO terrified of them already.
Hopefully I can convince her that fireworks are fun, or else I'm going to be spending the night in house. Wish me luck!

Beginning Life on Blogspot.

So, after TONS of people we know have started a site on Blogspot, we decided it's our time. Now instead of just reading everyone's updates, we'll also be able to post comments.. Yay for us!! Okay. That's the beginning of our blogspot life.