Monday, June 29, 2009

So last night I went into labor... I was on the way to the hospital.... And then was woken up by Hannah. :-( Yep, Just a dream....... I woke up still pregnant and not any closer to going into labor. GRR! I am really hoping the dream comes true soon!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Check Off That!

sorry, another pictureless post.

Today Bryan was off earlier then normal. He got off work.. I asked him what he wanted to do.. He replied, "get the house clean." .. Remember how Bryan was nesting.. it lasted for a day and a half.. He stopped.. But then tonight he started again...

So! We got a MAJOR project done. We cleaned and organized the girls' room. It took about 3 hours. But now all their toys are sorted into containers with lids and are in their closet. That way they can only play with a little amount of toys at a time.. And clean up will hopefully be A TON easier.. :-D (yes i stole this idea from someone in my ward!)

We still have a lot to do and only 3 weeks to get it done in! But one thing is finally checked almost off (we still have to wash the floors and walls!)

Today's Craft

I didn't take pictures. Sorry. I'll have to take pictures of their final project. But today we made Pirate ships with Auntie Lynda at Lowe's...

Next Saturday we are going to make picnic (they look like toolboxes) at Home Depot. I recommend it to everyone! It's fun, free, and easy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm mad!

Okay not really all that mad. But I do have to say.. Each person in our family has now had the flu. Emily, Hannah, and Daddy threw up once.. The end.
I was up all night.... NOT FAIR! Add with that all pregnancy related pain... I'm not doing the best today. Infact bed has been where I've resided almost all day.

A few things I'm grateful full!

1.) After Bryan was up wednesday night with the flu (he might have only puked once.. but his stomach was so upset up until he did, he ended up being up half the night) he went to work on thursday. His initial intentions were to come home early, when another work came to work.. But the other person ended up having food poision so he ended up having to stay and work ALL day.. Yeah, 8am -9:30pm.. all while being sick....
He called me and was so excited for the blessing of having more hours.. Yes, he's a much better person then I'll ever be!
Then he came home and cleaned the house up and helped me get emily to stay in bed.. All while comforting me as I was sick.
AND! he's going to come home from work today and take the girls on a walk.. so they can actually get out of the house today...

2.) Self-Relient little kids. Okay. They aren't always like this. BUT! Today I guess they could tell I really needed their help. Besides one litte incident.. (starting to take poop out of her diaper) they've pretty much been entertaining and taking care of themselves.
Infact they got themselves lunch and everything... LUCKILY I bought the cheap lunchables yesterday at the store.. And they decided that would be a good lunch. Along with a yogurt (danimal yogurt shake drink thing). And then for a snack they decided on the baby tomatoes... I just had to wash the tomatoes.

Of course their room is trashed.. But when i'm feeling a little better maybe I'll be able to do something about that. Still. They've only fought like once... though, actually i can't remember them fighting at all...

MAN! I'm a lucky women, wife, and mom!!
Now, if i could just start feeling better ... i'd take the girls for a treat or something!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scary Scary Scary Event.

So tonight as we were leaving.. I pulled up to the parking lot. I looked one way, saw a motorcycle passing.. Looked the other way as I was almost stopped.. Nothing. Then Looked in front of me do to someone yelling something.

Yep! You guess it. I hit a guy on a bicycle. I don't remember much of it due to shock. But! I do remember him infront of the car, standing there looking at his bike.
Yeah. SCARY! I sat and shook for a good 5 minutes. LUCKILY! EXTREMELY LUCKILY the guy wasn't hurt. I don't think he was hurt at all.

Bryan got out to make sure the guy was okay. By the time he got out, the guy had his bike and start walking away.. Bryan asked if he was okay.. He said "yeah, my bikes a little messed up." And continued to walk away. I was confused. I was sure we should call the police or something. Or give him our insurance information. But the guy wouldn't even turn around and talk with us.. he just kept walking. It was weird...

So.. After I finally got out of the shock. (well a little out of it) we decided that we would still continue going where we were headed.

But then I called my mom, and we decided to call the police station. She gave me the number. And I called and left a message for the sheriff in our area. He it turn left me a message (we were out of range for our cellphone) saying that he hadn't had anyone come in or anything. And that it was a good thing we called because the guy could easily have turned the story around saying we hit him and ran. So tomorrow I have to leave another message with a few more details so he can fill out the report or whatever.

Yeah. My first real accident. Scared EVERYTHING out of me.

Totally scary.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Nesting Husband at Last!

So for the last few weeks I've been starting to really stress out about all the stuff we need to do before Abby gets her (in 28 days).

Bryan, however, Hasn't been. AND ITS DRIVING ME NUTS! Why? Because of my current hip/back/everywhere pain, that allows me to accomplish VERY little during the day.

BUT! This morning he woke up and decided to start stressing.. "the house really needs to be whipped back in shape." So we started cleaning a bunch (we only had an hour before he had to go to work) and we got a TON of laundry washed, folded, and put away. Our room is almost all the way ready for Abby to move in. We just have to borrow my mom's carpet washer and wash the carpets... (probably our blankets and stuff too.. but if we don't get to that they it will still be acceptable)

So I thought I'd make a wish list of all the stuff I have to get done before Abby gets here:

*Organize all the girls' toys into containers (that I finally bought today)

*Finish organizing all the baby clothing into sizes

*Buy a new carseat. (after two baby's in one... and lots of blowouts.. our current one is looking a little worn.

*Wash off the MILLION crayon marks on the girls' wall

*Wash all the carpets in the apartment.

*Find the rest of the pieces to the bassinet and set up in our room

*Get the girls' schedule ready for where they are going to stay while we are in the hospital

*Pack hospital bags and girls sleepover bags

*Fold and put away all the clothing on the couch. (we got a lot)
*Wash out bathtub
eh.. we'll just start with that.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adventure of the day.

Last year I heard about everyone going to the Boxx Berry Farm Strawberry Festival. I told myself this year we would make it.. Yes that was before I knew I was going to be so pregnant.. BUT! We made it anyways, thanks to a little help from Auntie Lynda!

We saw A TON of people we knew.. Including our favorite family the Bensons!! (though i didn't end up getting any pictures with them...

We first arrived and the girls wanted to go on the train/tractor.
At the beginning of the ride, they weren't so sure about it..

By the end they were smiling and really happy!!

The girls then got their faces' painted. Emily got a beautiful butterfuly.... and Hannah, wouldn't stop moving.. her butterfly didn't turn out quite as nice..

Then we got to take a tour of the farm via a tractor ride

This is what Emily spent the ride doing.. She was so excited by the truck.. She decided the wheels were growing.. silliness!

I was exhausted... But Lynda and the girls convinced me that we NEEDED to pick strawberries.. I almost lasted long enough.. but ended up going and sitting down while they finished up.
The best part about picking the strawberries.. Was eatting all of them while we picked.. The girls LOVED them.

Emily and her FULL tummy! She ate a lot of them..

It was a messy but fun adventure!!
I recommend it for all those that missed out on it this year.. mark your calendar next year! it's fun!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update.

So! I went to the dr.'s today.

Test Results: No gestational diebeties.. at all. All four test came back perfect

Pain Relievers: He said that I can take some Tylonel PM to help with the horrible pain i'm in (and then hopefully help me get a little better nights sleep.. so that my hips can get the rest they need to not hurt as much.). I will be getting some pronto.

Measurements: We measured at 37 weeks. Though, I'm only 34 weeks pregnant.. I guess she's following the trend..

Worry Reliever: She's been kind of slow in the moving department lately. So, the Dr. said that we would just continue doing the NST weekly. It's an easy test, that just helps make sure everything is okay. I'm okay with doing it.. Helps my worriness go down a little.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Illness Update

It's been over 24 hours.. and no sign of sickness at ALL! I'm thinking we might be over it.. YAY! luckily it wasn't to bad.. She threw up only twice..... It was a more handle-able bug...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Puke, Puke, go away.

So this morning at 2 Emily came into our room... "i'm not feeling well".... But then she went pee and said she was feeling better and went back to bed.

Then at 4 we woke up to emily trying to tell us she was going to puke.. and then puked.

We weren't excited. But that was the end of it. Nothing, all day......

We decided to go to listen to Lynda play the piano tonight.. We were almost there... Then... PUKE.. Emily puked all over herself.

Weird?! I think so.. She went 15 hours feeling well and then she puked again.. I hope that's the end of it. I guess only puking twice would be a lucky flu...... I REALLY HOPE IT'S THE END OF IT!

Monday, June 8, 2009

What am I grateful for today?

A husband who forgives me when I go psycho, even if it's around people he has to be around daily.

A husband who then makes dinner for the kids, so I can calm down/cry about how I just embarrased both of us.

A husband who then puts our overtired (meaning grumpy and not obedient) kids to bed.

A husband who after all that, still has the energy to snuggle me and make me feel better.

Man, I'm one lucky women!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another trip, Another return.

Last night I noticed that I hadn't really felt Abigail kick very much through-out the entire day. So at 10 last night, i decided to sit and count. She kicked a little, but they were weak. I figured it was late so maybe she was resting.. I'd just check in the morning.

Usually in the morning I wake up to Abby beating me up. This morning she didn't. Then I decided it was time to drink some Orange Juice. That makes her go CRAZY. ... and hour later, still nothing. So it was time to go to the hospital. We got there for the Non Stress Test (NST) at 11... 11:05 she decided it was time to move... and she just wouldn't stop. She HATES the monitor... So she just went crazy, finally. (yes, i was embarrased.. but better save then sorry) we stayed for the 1/2 hour, and then were able to go home. She has really calmed down again, but is still making some movements here and there.

She is driving me crazy.... I hate the worrying part of pregnancy. But it's almost over, right? 6 more weeks...

My doctor wants me to do another one on friday. Then i see him the next week. It's getting closer and closer.. and she has decided to make sure I'm ready... By panicking me over and over :-D

Next weekends goal: stay out of the hospital.. i've already been there two weekends in a row.. lets not make it a tradition.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today's Adventure...
Making Daddy a screwholding/pick holding box... with help from Home Depot and Auntie Pammie!

Emily hammering

Sticker time after it was all put together!

Hannah hammering her box together.

She figured out how to put the middle piece together and did it all on her own.

the final products... and hannah making some funny look.
It was lots of fun!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emily Eye Update

Today we went back down to the Children's Hospital to see an optical specialist.

Emily's eyes are aligning better with this new prescription. The probability of her having to have a surgery on her eyes is getting closer and closer to no.

We will again go down to the children's hospital in 4 months to check up again on them.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A post dedicated to a long time friend....

Happy Birthday Joesph Daniel Keyes..
To bad he's to big of a hoser to read my site.
He probably thinks I forgot about his birthday.... But no.. I'm a nice enough person I dedicate a WHOLE post to him for his birthday! Now that's a cool present.. Maybe not as good as a poster of the TWO most amazing girls.. or even coupons to go on dates with them... or driving all the way to Idaho to take him out to dinner...

Yeah.. I know.. I'm amazing.

Though.. he probably deserves for me to forget his birthday... Since NOT ONCE in our eight year friendship has he remembered my birthday.. at all..

But seriously.. Happy Birthday Joesph Daniel Keyes!!

(maybe one of these days I'll be able to meet your wife and cute little boy!! Hey! Abby and Eric could be friends or something :-D)

Oh.. By the way.. I win!!