Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Simple Little Things

Sometimes life is hard. This post is NOT about that.

This post is about something much better.

I'm sitting watching my little girls outside together measuring things with a sewing measuring tape, while Abigail chews on a small paint brush she has found (never been used). I hear things like "25 pounds" "30 Feet" or "12 high" or just plain using the measuring tape as a jump rope. ..0And my heart is happy.

I've been trying to step back and just enjoy the simple little things. And I have three of the cutest simple little things :-D. Man, I love those girls.

Being a mom is the HARDEST thing I'll probably ever have to do. Sometimes I fail. But sometimes I succeed. The other night we were looking at a picture of someone saying prayer, and I said "Look he's folding his arm for prayer"... and I look over and Abigail was folding her arms. Or every time we go to eat, Hannah makes sure we say prayer over it. Or every morning, Emily comes into our room and needs to snuggle with me. I must be doing something right if she wants to snuggle with me! Or we've been homeschooling, and after thinking I wasn't teaching Hannah the way she needed to be taught, she came up to me and said "out... Out. Out starts with O."
So things are hard. But every now and then... I remember it truly is worth it.