Monday, February 28, 2011

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


The sun is always shinning here. And it really has affected us. In a good way! Lots of happiness, probably the vitamin D that we were low on from Washington...

It's been a different change. But honestly.. I'm growing more and more on it.

I think it has a lot to do with the church. I was starting to panic and then went to church and made a lot of friends.

I went into moving here with the decision that I was going to bring it all. I wasn't going to have the awkward first few Sundays of not knowing anyone. And I think it's paying off.

I think we might just like it here... Different, but who said different was a bad thing anyways!!!

A low day..

We've been having so many good and wonderful days. Seriously. Just amazingly happy days.
Today isn't one of those days. I just can't seem to kick it. I've been overdoing things so my hip is now acting up. I can't stop, there is so much I've got to do, but now I get to do it in a lot of pain. Maybe one day I'll get a doctor to look at it, when I have time.

Abigail started falling asleep in the car while we were trying to find the post office. And now I think she's decided to skip the nap. Not okay today. The one day I just need a breather.

We haven't watched any TV (since we had our Superbowl party on Sunday) this week. And before that it had been a while. But today, during Abigail's hopefully nap time. I just have to get some breathing time in. We'll make up by having Saturday school...

And of course, Bryan had some people over yesterday and so the girls were up late. So Emotional Hannah is driving me to the end of my rope..

I was reading and article where someone asked "what do stay at home moms do during the day?" My house is a mess, my kids are watching T.V., I haven't really done anything. Yet I'm emotionally exhausted. I've just been chasing after them, mediating them, feeding them, clothing them, talking and teaching them, changing diapers. Yes it might not look like a lot on paper. But it really does take a lot out of me somedays! I'm glad the article was posted, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Someone understood EXACTLY how my day is going today.

Okay. I'm all vented out. Sorry. I really just had to get it out to someone today, so I can move on from it.

So, we're moving on.

I'll have to post some pics from our life here so far. I've really been enjoying it. We have a great ward, we are staying in a great house. We are just having a lot of fun together.. It's a very laid back city. And I kind of like it.

Hopefully I'll do a real post in a few days! Thanks for listening to me venting!!