Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Chapter

(okay so the picture doesn't really have much to do with the post.. but i just think she's adorable and had to share!!)

So. Life is changing. It really keeps getting better and more exciting daily!

*Yesterday we met with Emily's preschool teacher. She was very niice. She told us what kind of things they would be teaching, some of the field trips they will be going on. We also found out that they have family nights and dad nights. Just lots of fun things to help the kids! It involves parents a lot. Each morning as we drop Emily off there will be a project for us to do with her that will take about 20 minutes. Then we are allowed to stay as long as we fell we need to. Volunteering in the class is allowed and encouraged. Because it is a bigger preschool program (they have several different locations) they have something like PTA that parents can be involved in if they want, to help plan the family nights and such. They have a little playground and take them outside and do exercises for 45 minutes, and then allow them to play more if they want. They will be teaching her phonics. They have these "little programs" which teach them different things like sharing, taking turns, empathy, and etc.

Okay can you tell i'm a little excited?!??! Look for pictures after September 9th of her first day of school... :-D

*Bryan is going back to school and starts at the end of September. He's excited and nervous. This is no where as exciting for me to talk about as Emily starting school.. :-D

*Abigail is growing fast. She's already 6 weeks old. It seems like she's been here forever, but also not as long as 6 weeks!

*I was a little worried about Hannah's degression in speech. So we had her tested. I was pleasently surprised. The problems that I was worried about is a normal thing for her age, and is expected. Problems like not pronouncing the sound "gah" completely right or the sound "kah".. Normal 2-3 year things. She decided since Hannah is very talkative, she would do the test that they normally don't do until at least 3 years of age. I couldn't believe how many questions she was asked. By the end of the questions she was getting pretty bored and easily distracted by pictures (instead of answering the question she would give a story about it). The lady giving the test informed me that it was really okay, she just had to keep doing the test until Hannah got 5 zeros. (meaning she failed 5 of the mini tests)... At this point she informed me that they were already on the test for age 5. She still wasn't failing.. But then Hannah got completely bored and wouldn't even look at what she was pointing at or listen for the question to be done before answering.. We decided that the test was okay to be over.
Results of the test: Pronunciation: Age 3, Understanding: At least Age 5, Vocabulary: At least age 5.
The lady doing this test said the reason she has been degressing in her speech is because her vocabulary is going through a boom. So she's getting overloaded and getting "lazy" on her old words.. She said that it is something that will most likely fix itself out.

*I'm doing good. Though my hips still give me problems each day, I am able to do a lot more before they hurt. I've been really whipping my house back into shape, and my family! I've been trying to do the basics (laundry, dishes, making bed, cleaning girls room) every day and then adding one more thing. Today it was scrub the kitchen floor, scrub a wall (i'm trying to do one wall a day) and clean out the car. Some days I feel like I'm a better mom of three kids then I was as a mom of two kids.. but then I remember that i was pregnant for 9 months unable to do a lot :-D which explains how i feel.

Overall, life is good. Yes, we have had a few sleepless nights. But not as much as we could have.

I should go now, Abigail is sleeping and I need to eat some lunch and get back to being productive!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So. Being a mom is hard. Being a wife is hard.
Hence the reason I use this blog to complain somethings.

Today. I think I earned this trophy and this ribbon!
Not only was I productive, I was also extremely loving and patient. I took the time to put on a crazy dance show with the girls for Daddy and Abby. We also had a "Clean-up Party." Let me explain this one. I have been getting rid of internet time to play more with the girls.
Every night we try to clean up the girls' room and have them help. Some nights it's HORRIBLE trying to get the girls to do it. Lot's of fighting. Once we finally get it all cleaned up and the girls in bed, Hannah comes out and says she's hungry... an then proceeds to come out 5 more times telling us the same thing. So tonight I decided to cut up a cucumber and get a bowl of pretzels and bring it up to their room when it was clean up time. They were allowed to eat if they were cleaning. Man! It got cleaned up fast, without fighting, and the girls did A TON of it. Extra points to me!! :-D
Yeah, I am having one of those good days and had to share!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lynden Fair

This year we opted out of going to the Lynden Fair. (not my choice.. but Bryan's rational reasoning convinced me that it wouldn't be fun to take three kids to the fair, especially since Abby isn't completely on a schedule.)
So we headed to Hovander instead. We got to see animals, run around, play at the playground.... so we had fun like we would at the Lynden Fair, without the crowds.. but sadly without the yummy Curly Fries.
It was Daddy's first time going to this park. He loved it. He sat and admired the animals just like the girls.
This is what Abigail did while we looked at the animals...

Isn't this like the cutest picture EVER? What better way to spend your day then with your best friend. These girls love each other so much.

The girls finally got to go up the HUGE tower.. Thanks Daddy!

And a self portrait to prove I was there too! :-D (bryan doesn't take good pictures of me.. so i thought i'd just snap a quick one of me and abby..
And this was how busy the park was.. Man it was nice to have everything to ourselves the majority of the time!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twenty Five Years Ago....

The love of my life was born....
(yes abby is eatting his nose... He was talking to her closely and she was hungry... and his is big, so she thought she give it a try... Sadly she failed... but we got an interesting picture.)

So.. I've been waiting a while to do this post. I decided to save all my bragging things for his birthday post. Seriously, there has been a TON of times I've wanted to just sit and brag about my man. He's amazing. So I thought I'd do a "25 reason why I love my man".. in no particular order.

1. Hello?! He's like the hottest guy ever. Seriously, I still feel lucky my eye candy chose me back!

2. He changes diapers. Seriously, today he got the day off because it's his birthday.. I like the system we have.. Both of us change them. works so much better..

3. He's smart. Seriously, up there on levels of genius. But he doesn't make me feel bad or stupid, he just teaches me.

4. He's a good kisser. I'm glad I get to share eternity kissing him!

5. He reads to our kids a ton! Which helps pick up on days where I haven't been as good at teaching them. He's got my back!

6. He's hilarious.

7. He's smooth. Seriously, I love taking him places with me. First, he's hot, but then he's entertaining. Always thinking of the right thing to say at the right time. Something I'm jealous of. But I guess as long as I've got him, I don't need to worry about it!

8. He's an On the Go type of person. Which I think has really helped me (especially after having Abby). He's always wanting to get out and go have fun.

9. He keeps me grounded. Seriously, I am a worry wart. If it was up to me the kids would never get to do anything fun. Example: I take the girls to the park and only let them play on the safer looking things. He takes them to the park. They come home "Daddy let me go down the owie bar" (the firestation bar thing, it rubs on Emily's legs so that's what she calls it).. Luckily my kids have him.

10. He gets up in the middle of the night to hand me the baby. Why does he have to... Umm. that's another story for another post sometime in the FAR future.. Let's just say Aliens...

11. He's sensitive. Not in the like bad "please stop crying" way. But in the sweet way. Like one time when Emily was little he was feeding her food. The food was to hot and it burnt his tongue. He almost started crying. He just loves our kids so much.

12. He's got an amazing testimony which helps us get through a lot of our tough times. Just hearing "Heavenly Father helped us last time, we know it's going to be okay this time." Really brings the stress level down.

13. He says sorry. He's not afraid or to pride full to say he's sorry.

14. He really loves our kids. He doesn't mind watching them. He's a very hands-on Dad. The way he interacts with our babies, I can just see the pure unconditional love for them in his eyes.

15. He's OCD about a clean house. Yes, ours might not be perfect. But he picks up every night before we go to bed. Even if he's worked a 12 hour day.
16. He laughs at my quirks. He doesn't get annoyed. He finds my imperfections cute and more attractive. This makes life so much more relaxed and fun.
17. He's a good advice giver. Seriously. I know people come to him just for his advice. People who would otherwise just keep things in.
18. He's an amazing guy. Seriously, with all the problems I've had, he hasn't complained at all. He instead makes up for what I lack. When I got pregnant and my hips start hurting to no end he does more chores around the house, he takes the kids on more walks so I can have alone time. At the end of the day, he still has time to make sure I'm still not in to much pain!
19. He thinks I'm superwomen. He believes I can do anything, and it's helped me achieve so much. He really encourages me to try new hobbies and stuff. One year he spent all his birthday money on a gift for me, because I decided to try a new hobby.. Which leads me to............
20. He's so selfless, so often. If we won a million dollars, he'd spend it on making as many people's life better as he could. He's always thinking of ways to make others happy. Whether it be giving a homeless man his burger, or buying his brother a bike to helping his mom out. He just really loves to be a giver of so much.
21. He's extremely talented, in so many different areas. He's able to play songs on a guitar by just listening to it. He's also an artist and surprises me with this talent when I try to do something artsy (yes he does out-do me often)
22. He's creative. Kind of goes with talented... Never a boring time when he's around Weither it be creative jokes, or creative things to do as a family.. He has being creative down!
23. He compliments me. This is one of our strengths in our marriage. We both compliment each other often. From cleaning the house extra good to wearing my make-up differently. He makes me feels special for just being me.
24. He's good at picking out movies. Seriously, I'm always trying to buy ones I want.. But the ones he decides are good are normally 10 times better then the one i've decided would be good.
25. Man, I'm having a hard time picking the last one.. Not because there isn't another reason, but because there is more then just one left. I could say he has amazing eyes, sometimes blue sometimes a little greener, or I could say I love him because even now when we dance in our living room, it's like we are still floating on clouds. Or I could say I love him because when I'm truly down, he knows the perfect thing to say or do to make my tears go away. Or that he knows so many strange and interesting facts. Or I could say I love him because he's not quite perfect, which makes him so much much more perfect to me (i like quirks and learning through our imperfections together) No, I decided that the 25th reason I love him is..... Even after being married 5 years (knowing him eight years) he still surprises me with his amazing-ness. There is just so much about him that I keep learning, and love.
Happy Birthday Bryan Anthony! We love you so much!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Month Old

Abby Renae is One Month Old (as of yesterday!!)

Abby Info:

*we love Abigail. Seriously, she's a great addition to our little family. We're blessed to have her
*she no longer has to wear her brace. She's been out of it for a week now.. We love her toes!
*She's become a great little eater. But also a great little sleeper. She did have a few eight hour nights.. But averages about 4-5 hours of straight sleeping. So really she only wakes up once a night
*She loves being sung to by her little sisters and mommy
*Life seems to be going by fast.. Seriously she's been here a month already!??!!?!
*She's probably the most kissed baby in the world. Seriously, Hannah won't stay away from her!!!

Happy One Month Birthday Little Love. Wecome to your CRAZY but loving family!!!

***Side note: Abigail's baby blessing will be the first week of September. Everyone is invited to share this special day with us!!!***********

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Abby's first bath.. and more.

I wanted to capture exactly what happened when she first entered the water. She liked it. My trick to a sucessful bath: warmer is better... seriously who likes a lukewarm bath?! I normally do it a little warmer.

Somehow I developed two extra arms during the bath :-D.. A two year old arm and a three year old arm. Yes, the really wanted to help!

Relazing after the nice bath..

I had to get a picture of her little feet.. I hate that she has to wear the brace... I never get to play with her little toes.

Whenever Hannah is in the same room as Abby, you can bet you'll find her doing a little bit of this:

She loves giving her baby kisses!

Sisterly Love..

She looked like she was pondering something serious... But now when I look at the picture, it looks likes she's ready to defend herself from her older sisters..

Abby in her brace...

On another subject. Emily is a genius. Seriously.
The other day she walked into our room and showed us her drawing.. Can you guess who this is?

(think Spongebob-y)

Then today she ran into our room all excited... "Mommy it's your name!!"

If you can't tell it spells "mom" with a few extra letters at the end