Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My frustrating Night.

.. okay. So I love my kids and husband.. but sometimes I think I might pull out all my hair.. So I "had" (bryan was making brownies and we need icecream with it) to go to the store.. The girls ar in bed, i tell them that they can have the light on for 2 minutes and then Daddy was going to turn it off... I get to the store.. get the ice cream and then remember we need milk and salad stuff and a bunch of other stuff.. Then I go to check out.. No card. I call Bryan. Yep, he has it. Run home.. Notice the girls' light was still on. Shut it off and told Bryan to check on them again in a few minutes to make sure it was off. Run back to the store, hunt down an associate to find out where my stuff was.. Finally pay for the stuff.. Come home to the girls' light back on. Turn it off.. wait a minute, turn it back off and sturnly tell them not to turn it back on. Within 15 minutes they are asleep.. BUT! Bryan added to much water to the brownies.. so they don't look so good. So no brownies for me... But at least I got ice cream...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emily's First Day.

Sorry.. I'm behind.. Busy-ness has kind of taken over.
Here are all the pictures in order of how her first day went.

Emily, Age 3..... First Day of Preschool


Emily's Birthday is in TWO WEEKS! I have NOTHING planned as far as a birthday party.. any ideas?!!?!?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"We went to Heavenly Father's home!"-Emily

Abigail and Emily had doctor's appointments down at the Seattle Children's Hospital this week. They weren't on the same day (one wed. and one thurs) so we decided to make it a little trip!
It was fun... though we got some bad news.....

Yep. She needs to be in the brace.... hopefully for not to long..

This is her doctor.. Dr. J. (his name is to hard to spell.. and most people just call him dr. j anyways..) I promise she isn't terrified of him... even though this picture looks like she is!

I wasn't going to post this picture (since dr. j looks kind of funny in it) but since it proves that Abby is terrified of him.. i thought i should.

We went to Red Lobster after the doctor's appointment. ... Some how Emily ended up with three plates. She thought it was great. (yes, she did eat ALL of bryan's salad.. she's a salad girl)

The hostess let Emily pet a lobster. She thought it was great. But she just kept talking about how we went and ate at "Green Lobster." She's in a "i'm right and you're not" phase right now (hopefully it's a phase) and so we just couldn't convince her it was Red Lobster
We decided since we were so close that we should go to the temple with the girls. When we got home tonight Emily was telling Auntie Pam all about what we did.. She then exclaimed, "We went to Heavenly Father's home!" it was so adorable!

Daddy and the girls

Mommy and the girls

Emily and Hannah trying to figure out how to get in the water to play...

We then spent the evening swimming in the pool at our hotel. I love hotel pools. No one usually swims at them.. and so we have a hot tub and a swimming pool all to ourselves!
Here's the girls.. Emily decided she wanted to make a bed on the floor... After she fell asleep Daddy put her in the bed since she was looking cold. They ended up snuggling cute like this pretty much all night. The picture is from Abby's 4 oclock feeding (can't complain, she went to bed at 9ish.. had one feeding at 4, and then woke up at 8ish for her next feeding!)

Here's us at Emily's appointment. Her eyes are getting better. She still needs glasses for the time being...
We stopped here for lunch:

A friend from Bryan's work suggested it. Yumm! Yes, we are going to stop there again. Not only was it cheap and tasty... But it was so homey and pleasant.. You just sit and chat with the neighboring car.. It was very fun.. to bad we were in a rush.
Anyways. It was a fun two days. We decided we need to take two days off every few months and just get away. Sounds like a plan to me!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

(i stole these from Michelle.. didn't she do AMAZING?!)

Abigail is 6 weeks old today!? Man. Time is going fast.

List of things she's been doing (besides being amazingly cute):

-laughing, she's started to giggle here and there
-smiling. She has a gorgeous smile.
-she's still a pretty good sleeper. last night she slept from 9 to 7 only waking up once for a feeding. We like this!
-she's still our newest love our our life. She's a HUGE blessing. I'm so blessed to have three amazing girls!
-she's still a wonder to her sisters. They love her, and are still extremely interested in "helping" all the time.

We are so glad you chose to come to our family Abigail Renae! We're glad we have you forever and ever!!