Monday, December 7, 2009


Conversation with Hannah:

Me: Push the poop out Hannah (yes she was on the potty.. this is just the type of conversation you have with a 3 year old)

Hannah: I can't. He's eatting. And then he has to brush his teeth and then he'll come out.

....waiting waiting...

Hannah: The snake is ready to come out, he finished eating and finished brushing his teeth and is ready come out.

-and she does the deed-

It was extremely funny!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bryan needs to do a survey for an essay he has to write for a class. Please fill-out this as soon as possible!!

Please put the number of the question next to your answer! Please also answer as truefully. These answers are only going to be used to write my paper (no names will be put in it). Three ways of getting me the answers. First you could just leave them in a comment, the second you can message me on facebook, and third you can email them to me at I need at LEAST 30 people.. so please please fill it out! Please be honest. I won't judge you, I seriously just need it for a stinkin paper.
1. Age?
2. Gender?
3. Race? (optional)
4. What is your Educational level?
5. Would your comfort level be different if you were alone in an elevator with a severely disfigured stranger opposed to a stranger without physical disfigurement?
6. If you were incharge of hiring would you choose a person without physical disabilities over a person with physical disablilities (if there was no sanction by law)?
7. Do you feel a person with a disability should receive the same wage as a person without dispite the potentiallity of the person with the disability producing less?
8. If you were seated at a resturant, and a person in the booth next to you was disabled, making loud, involuntary noises,such as moaing or shrieking, would you feel comfortable remaining seated, or would you prefere to be moved? A remain seated, B move
9. Are you disabled? if so, if you are comfortable, state what your disability is, and if you have recieved any treatment different from that of your peers. was it positve or negative? if you are not comfortable, just put NA.
10. do you like SPAM?

Monday, November 9, 2009


I hope I have added everyone that wanted to. This is going to be my test post! I've been waiting to make sure everyone gets a chance to get added... but there's been a ton to post about so look for a real post in the next day or so!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I think that I'm going to be going to be going Private. I have been debating it for a little while. If you want to keep viewing my site please leave a comment or email me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Newest "Problem"

Yep after a week (or maybe two) Abigail has offically mastered thumb sucking. Yes. I COMPLETELY tried to stop this... And am going to keep at it. But it is way cute! I wish I had the camera a few seconds earlier... She was looking at her hands and really discovering them. It was so freakin adorable. Man she's growing up fast!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Done.

I completely give up. This has probably been one of the WORST weeks of my life. Honestly.

Friday my dad went into the hospital.

Saturday I had to rush to the hospital because my dad was unresponsive. Spent the whole day at the hospital wondering if he was going to make it through the night.
Saturday night woke up all night with nightmares of my dad dying in the hospital0

Sunday spent the whole day at the hospital.

Monday Emily got sick with the flu in the middle of the night
Tuesday spent the day taking care of sick Emily. My dad got off life support and I could go to the hospital to see how he was so i had to worry from home. (since emily was sick. didn't want to get him sick)

Wednesday Emily's all better (or so it appears) Go down to Abigails appointment. Get her brace taken off (though there is a chance (very slim) that she'll need to go back in it when we are able to xray her in a few months) drive home and when we're almost home, have the car break down on the freeway with all three kids in the car during rush hour. Yes. EXTREMELY scary!

Wednesday Night: Wake up all night because Abigail keeps waking up for some reason (i didn't discover that it was because her feet got cold until 8 thursday morning)

Thursday: Get woken up at 3 in the morning with Emily sick still. We finally figure out it's Abigails toes that keep getting cold. Finally get her to sleep. Emily wakes up.. and finds out that she can't go to preschool again.. HAS A HUGE meltdown waking up the OTHER two girls. And so I've been battling THREE grumpy kids. And then I call the Auto Repair guy... and he informs me that my van can't be fixed.

Yeah. I'm done. Yes, things could be worse... And probably will get worse. I quit. I'm done.

Honestly I'm so stressed/tired/emotional that I don't know where to go from here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Safety Weekend at Lowe's

We like to go to Lowe's on saturdays (the second and fourth) to do the crafts they have for free. I was really excited about being able to make Firetrucks.. and when we got there, we got a plesant surprise! There was a fun little safety workshop kind of thing. We were able to go inside a police car (the officer assured me it was a new car that had hardly been used yet, and also got sanatized before he brought it)

Emily in the cop car

Hannah and Emily in the police car

Did you know that ambulances have built in child car seats? We found that out. I actually have always wondered what they would do if a parent had a child while in an accident or something like that.

Emily in the ambulance seat

Hannah in the ambulance seat (I probably should have cropped it or something.. but i'm trying to blog as fast as i can to get all caught up)

Emily's First Field Trip

Emily's class had their first field trip two weeks ago (yes, i'm that behind) It was just to a little park down the road. It was a field trip to help learn how to use the bus! But it was to a park, so it was majorly fun for all the kids. Abby, Hannah, and I met them there. Her is this the bus pulling up.

Emily on the bus.

Emily, her friend, and hannah just being friends!

Emily's class and extras

Hannah fits right in! (the boy she is sharing a seat with also was a sibling of a class member. They both fit right in)

Emily climbing up with a few of her friends!
It was a fun field trip! And i felt so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom and be able to go with her!

Emily's Birthday Shopping Date.

Last Tuesday Auntie Pammy and Auntie Lynda took Emily (and Hannah) on a special birthday date since Pam was going to be in Utah for her bday. This is what they came home with!! :-)
Just what she wanted! A new (and her first) real bike! With matching helmet and pads!

She had sooooo much fun. Thanks Aunties!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My frustrating Night.

.. okay. So I love my kids and husband.. but sometimes I think I might pull out all my hair.. So I "had" (bryan was making brownies and we need icecream with it) to go to the store.. The girls ar in bed, i tell them that they can have the light on for 2 minutes and then Daddy was going to turn it off... I get to the store.. get the ice cream and then remember we need milk and salad stuff and a bunch of other stuff.. Then I go to check out.. No card. I call Bryan. Yep, he has it. Run home.. Notice the girls' light was still on. Shut it off and told Bryan to check on them again in a few minutes to make sure it was off. Run back to the store, hunt down an associate to find out where my stuff was.. Finally pay for the stuff.. Come home to the girls' light back on. Turn it off.. wait a minute, turn it back off and sturnly tell them not to turn it back on. Within 15 minutes they are asleep.. BUT! Bryan added to much water to the brownies.. so they don't look so good. So no brownies for me... But at least I got ice cream...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emily's First Day.

Sorry.. I'm behind.. Busy-ness has kind of taken over.
Here are all the pictures in order of how her first day went.

Emily, Age 3..... First Day of Preschool


Emily's Birthday is in TWO WEEKS! I have NOTHING planned as far as a birthday party.. any ideas?!!?!?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"We went to Heavenly Father's home!"-Emily

Abigail and Emily had doctor's appointments down at the Seattle Children's Hospital this week. They weren't on the same day (one wed. and one thurs) so we decided to make it a little trip!
It was fun... though we got some bad news.....

Yep. She needs to be in the brace.... hopefully for not to long..

This is her doctor.. Dr. J. (his name is to hard to spell.. and most people just call him dr. j anyways..) I promise she isn't terrified of him... even though this picture looks like she is!

I wasn't going to post this picture (since dr. j looks kind of funny in it) but since it proves that Abby is terrified of him.. i thought i should.

We went to Red Lobster after the doctor's appointment. ... Some how Emily ended up with three plates. She thought it was great. (yes, she did eat ALL of bryan's salad.. she's a salad girl)

The hostess let Emily pet a lobster. She thought it was great. But she just kept talking about how we went and ate at "Green Lobster." She's in a "i'm right and you're not" phase right now (hopefully it's a phase) and so we just couldn't convince her it was Red Lobster
We decided since we were so close that we should go to the temple with the girls. When we got home tonight Emily was telling Auntie Pam all about what we did.. She then exclaimed, "We went to Heavenly Father's home!" it was so adorable!

Daddy and the girls

Mommy and the girls

Emily and Hannah trying to figure out how to get in the water to play...

We then spent the evening swimming in the pool at our hotel. I love hotel pools. No one usually swims at them.. and so we have a hot tub and a swimming pool all to ourselves!
Here's the girls.. Emily decided she wanted to make a bed on the floor... After she fell asleep Daddy put her in the bed since she was looking cold. They ended up snuggling cute like this pretty much all night. The picture is from Abby's 4 oclock feeding (can't complain, she went to bed at 9ish.. had one feeding at 4, and then woke up at 8ish for her next feeding!)

Here's us at Emily's appointment. Her eyes are getting better. She still needs glasses for the time being...
We stopped here for lunch:

A friend from Bryan's work suggested it. Yumm! Yes, we are going to stop there again. Not only was it cheap and tasty... But it was so homey and pleasant.. You just sit and chat with the neighboring car.. It was very fun.. to bad we were in a rush.
Anyways. It was a fun two days. We decided we need to take two days off every few months and just get away. Sounds like a plan to me!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

(i stole these from Michelle.. didn't she do AMAZING?!)

Abigail is 6 weeks old today!? Man. Time is going fast.

List of things she's been doing (besides being amazingly cute):

-laughing, she's started to giggle here and there
-smiling. She has a gorgeous smile.
-she's still a pretty good sleeper. last night she slept from 9 to 7 only waking up once for a feeding. We like this!
-she's still our newest love our our life. She's a HUGE blessing. I'm so blessed to have three amazing girls!
-she's still a wonder to her sisters. They love her, and are still extremely interested in "helping" all the time.

We are so glad you chose to come to our family Abigail Renae! We're glad we have you forever and ever!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Chapter

(okay so the picture doesn't really have much to do with the post.. but i just think she's adorable and had to share!!)

So. Life is changing. It really keeps getting better and more exciting daily!

*Yesterday we met with Emily's preschool teacher. She was very niice. She told us what kind of things they would be teaching, some of the field trips they will be going on. We also found out that they have family nights and dad nights. Just lots of fun things to help the kids! It involves parents a lot. Each morning as we drop Emily off there will be a project for us to do with her that will take about 20 minutes. Then we are allowed to stay as long as we fell we need to. Volunteering in the class is allowed and encouraged. Because it is a bigger preschool program (they have several different locations) they have something like PTA that parents can be involved in if they want, to help plan the family nights and such. They have a little playground and take them outside and do exercises for 45 minutes, and then allow them to play more if they want. They will be teaching her phonics. They have these "little programs" which teach them different things like sharing, taking turns, empathy, and etc.

Okay can you tell i'm a little excited?!??! Look for pictures after September 9th of her first day of school... :-D

*Bryan is going back to school and starts at the end of September. He's excited and nervous. This is no where as exciting for me to talk about as Emily starting school.. :-D

*Abigail is growing fast. She's already 6 weeks old. It seems like she's been here forever, but also not as long as 6 weeks!

*I was a little worried about Hannah's degression in speech. So we had her tested. I was pleasently surprised. The problems that I was worried about is a normal thing for her age, and is expected. Problems like not pronouncing the sound "gah" completely right or the sound "kah".. Normal 2-3 year things. She decided since Hannah is very talkative, she would do the test that they normally don't do until at least 3 years of age. I couldn't believe how many questions she was asked. By the end of the questions she was getting pretty bored and easily distracted by pictures (instead of answering the question she would give a story about it). The lady giving the test informed me that it was really okay, she just had to keep doing the test until Hannah got 5 zeros. (meaning she failed 5 of the mini tests)... At this point she informed me that they were already on the test for age 5. She still wasn't failing.. But then Hannah got completely bored and wouldn't even look at what she was pointing at or listen for the question to be done before answering.. We decided that the test was okay to be over.
Results of the test: Pronunciation: Age 3, Understanding: At least Age 5, Vocabulary: At least age 5.
The lady doing this test said the reason she has been degressing in her speech is because her vocabulary is going through a boom. So she's getting overloaded and getting "lazy" on her old words.. She said that it is something that will most likely fix itself out.

*I'm doing good. Though my hips still give me problems each day, I am able to do a lot more before they hurt. I've been really whipping my house back into shape, and my family! I've been trying to do the basics (laundry, dishes, making bed, cleaning girls room) every day and then adding one more thing. Today it was scrub the kitchen floor, scrub a wall (i'm trying to do one wall a day) and clean out the car. Some days I feel like I'm a better mom of three kids then I was as a mom of two kids.. but then I remember that i was pregnant for 9 months unable to do a lot :-D which explains how i feel.

Overall, life is good. Yes, we have had a few sleepless nights. But not as much as we could have.

I should go now, Abigail is sleeping and I need to eat some lunch and get back to being productive!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So. Being a mom is hard. Being a wife is hard.
Hence the reason I use this blog to complain somethings.

Today. I think I earned this trophy and this ribbon!
Not only was I productive, I was also extremely loving and patient. I took the time to put on a crazy dance show with the girls for Daddy and Abby. We also had a "Clean-up Party." Let me explain this one. I have been getting rid of internet time to play more with the girls.
Every night we try to clean up the girls' room and have them help. Some nights it's HORRIBLE trying to get the girls to do it. Lot's of fighting. Once we finally get it all cleaned up and the girls in bed, Hannah comes out and says she's hungry... an then proceeds to come out 5 more times telling us the same thing. So tonight I decided to cut up a cucumber and get a bowl of pretzels and bring it up to their room when it was clean up time. They were allowed to eat if they were cleaning. Man! It got cleaned up fast, without fighting, and the girls did A TON of it. Extra points to me!! :-D
Yeah, I am having one of those good days and had to share!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lynden Fair

This year we opted out of going to the Lynden Fair. (not my choice.. but Bryan's rational reasoning convinced me that it wouldn't be fun to take three kids to the fair, especially since Abby isn't completely on a schedule.)
So we headed to Hovander instead. We got to see animals, run around, play at the playground.... so we had fun like we would at the Lynden Fair, without the crowds.. but sadly without the yummy Curly Fries.
It was Daddy's first time going to this park. He loved it. He sat and admired the animals just like the girls.
This is what Abigail did while we looked at the animals...

Isn't this like the cutest picture EVER? What better way to spend your day then with your best friend. These girls love each other so much.

The girls finally got to go up the HUGE tower.. Thanks Daddy!

And a self portrait to prove I was there too! :-D (bryan doesn't take good pictures of me.. so i thought i'd just snap a quick one of me and abby..
And this was how busy the park was.. Man it was nice to have everything to ourselves the majority of the time!