Monday, December 6, 2010


He he eh.
So I can't post all the details. But an opportunity for us has come up to move to Nampa, Idaho. We will be able to live there pretty much rent free for a while.. And we get to live in a Huge house (well at least for us apartment livers). Pretty much we're going to be babysitting a house for a while (unknown how long). We've been wanting to move to Idaho for at least three years now. I don't know why, it's just the place that we felt we should move. It never quite worked it's self out. We will be live in the house for as long as possible. And then next January (2012)buy our own home. Bryan will be able to transfer from his job to there. It just all is seeming to work out so smoothly.

It's just the change and opportunity we need. There are some very special people that are helping make it all possible. But I can't name them. But I'm way grateful.

Just another Manic Monday.....

Today started out like every other day.. The girls were playing so nicely in their room. But then the dread words were uttered, "Abby had a blow out!" I got her. It didn't seem to be THAT bad. So I told the girls "Bathtime!" I wiped down Abby and got all the poop, that was going all down her legs, wiped off. Then they got in the bath. I let them bath. Then they got out and decided they were going to go and play in their room. I remembered pretty fast that I hadn't actually done a check to make sure that she didn't get any in her room. I looked down at the floor, there was a small drop of yuck. And I followed that.. There was another and another. Until I reached the pot of gold. Yep. Fun way to start a Monday.

Well.. In other news. We're moving. To another state. At the end of January. We're excited and it's an exactly what we need. The end.