Friday, October 31, 2008

My Blog.

***EDIT**** I want to emphasis that I don't mind at all if you have an opinion that is not the same as mine, i will still post. But calling names and making rude comments toward me and other people who comment will not be added. So feel free to disagree with me. And I will still post your comments unless there is something negative directed at me or someone else!

Just to give everyone a heads up... I've started monitoring the comments.. so it might take a little extra while for them to get posted to my site. I don't like doing this but have decided it is best.
I know (at least I hope) sometimes I have some thought provoking stuff put on our site.. And I plan to keep doing this, because that's the kind of person I am. I know (and have know this for a long time) I have opinions that everyone doesn't agree with. Comments are welcomed. Even if you don't agree with me. But name calling/being rude will not happen on my blog. If you wish to have your opinion voiced on my blog go for it.. comment.. but if you want to degrade other people and their opinions please do it on your own blog.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When is it Enough?

So today I was watching Dr. Phil...... umm yeah.

8 year olds transgenders....

Okay.. Maybe I'm a little "old fashion." But as an 8 year old kid... that wasn't even a word or idea I knew about. And I plan on raising my kids that way. I am disturbed at this whole idea. Sometimes parents need to say "no." Let's get things back on track here... Sometimes "change" isn't the answer.. Sometimes we need to try to go back to the foundations.. Life is getting way to complicated for kids.. Come on!

Sorry. This makes me mad thinking about all the stupid stuff my kids are going to have to go through because we needed "change."

The End.

****EDIT****** ... don't worry I watched this show while my girls were having "quiet time" in their room with the door closed... Don't worry.. I don't want to expose them to that crap earlier then they need to be :-D! End edit!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Potty Trained?

So Emily has been doing really good at going to the potty all on her own. Infact the last time she had an accident was sunday morning, due to the fact daddy forgot to get her to go before he put her to bed. And i was so excited. So today we were at a friend's house and I was telling her all about it, being a proud mommy... Little did I know Emily was making a HUGE mess in her panties/pants/down her legs...etc. Yeah. I looked stupid.

But I promise! Emily is almost completely potty trained. A whole week of HER telling US that she needed to go potty.. I think she might have it down. Yes she had an accident today but she's doing EXTREMELY well..

So we have this froggie that the kids were both AFRAID of at some point.. like MAJORLY afraid. But now they are best friends with the frog. Here is a video of Hannah getting her grove on with the "froggie"

And of course Emily wanted to join in and have herself video taped...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Halloween Funny.

This made me .. laugh?

Halloween this year...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can't arrange the pictures how I want them on blogspot.. SO.. I decided to post on my other blog...

I posted pictures of Emily's Birthday.. Keep in mind.. I completely procrastinated her cake.. and only was left with less then a half an hour to decorate it.. (closer to 15 minutes)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!


So, Emily had her birthday party...

BUT first we went out to IHOP with my family... minus my sick mom... and had breakfast and a special birthday pancake..

Then we had Emily's kids party.. It went really well.. I think.. I might have had to much planned.. We made crowns, Princess cakes (the cookies broke to much when i tried making them wands), we made photo frames and took the pictures of each kid, we had cupcakes and opened presents..

I got a bunch of pictures... I'll add them at the end of the birthday.. We are probably going to head out to chucky cheeses.. and then have a family party with our extended family at 6... and then the birthday is over :-( So.. Time to go have some funnnnnnn..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

2 Days to go.... and other stuff..

So, I got the gift bags packed.. Thanks to my mom, I didn't have to buy ANYTHING for them.. She spoils me/emily/hannah/bryan. Thanks mom!!! I have all the stuff I need to make the cake and cupcakes. I still have to make the cookies for the wands (but I have the skewers...or whatever they called). I'need to make one more run to the dollar store Monday morning.. to get something important, but sadly I didn't write it down in time and can't remember what I had to get!! OH YEAH! Foam sheets for the picture frames!! phew!

Then tomorrow after the girls go to sleep, we're going to decorate the house.. And get it all ready for the morning (since the party is at 10am..) I'm excited.. If only I could figure out a few last details, I would almost be stress-free...


How do I make new layouts for my site? Everyone has these really cute layouts and backgrounds and stuff.. And I've yet to figure out how!!!! So I would love a hint.. Like a very detailed hint :-)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5 days and counting...

(This is the cake that I am going to ATTEMPT to kind of make)

October 1st means that there are only 5 more days until october 6th!!!!!

Emily's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

I'm really excited... I am pretty sure almost all the kids we invited are coming. Emily loved it. She gave out all her invitations two weeks ago at church (and then at someones door since they aren't in our ward!!!) We started handing them out before sacrament (we actually got there BEFORE it started) and she would take the invitation to her friends all by herself. She loved it! And I've been hearing that some of the friends we invited loved that they got an invitation (she gave it to the kid not the parent). So.. Like I said I'm pretty sure that almost all the people we invited are coming. I over invited a little.. Last year not much of the people we invited showed up. And so far all but 4 haven't yet rsvp. But i'm pretty sure that they are coming.. So it's going to be a little more packed then I thought.. AKA.. including my two kids, 14 kids.. I only had 8 invitations but a few families had two kids around her age that she just loves. There is two kids that i'm not to sure if they are coming. and Three kids that i'm pretty sure just haven't rsvp-ed. But I really have some fun ideas!! I really was planning on a bunch of people not being able to come.. But I think it will be really great that all Emily's friends are going to be there!!!

This is what I have planned so far.. They are going to come in.. After walking up the "red carpet" to our door (i found a long roll of red wrapping paper at the dollar store.. SCORE!!) They are going to come in and make their crowns. I bought some wall borders (you know the stuff for bulletin boards) and they are perfect size/shape for the crowns.. of course i bought them at the dollar store. And the girls get to decorate the crowns with princess and the boys with cars since I couldn't find princes. I am also going to take their pictures, because hopefully a bunch of them will dress up.. And I'll print the picture with my special photo printer.. Also it will be the time emily can "Show them her room" (she's really into that lately) time.. and playing time. Then Lynda dress up as the fairy godmother and she is going to read Cinderella. And we are going to decorate cookie wands that the kids will be able to take home, incase they need to change any pumpkins into carriages. Then we are going to play a freeze type game. The evil step-mother freezes the kingdom and the kids have to freeze (aka the music stops and they have to freeze) Then we will maybe make picture frames for the pictures or something.... I don't know.. That's kind of where my creativity has stopped! SOOO!!

IDEAS!?!?!?!???????????????????????????????? anyone have any good princess themed ideas for kids 2-4? I WOULD LOVE!!!!! IDEAS!! I think I need another running game or something......