Sunday, January 25, 2009

14 Weeks!!!

Yes! I am past the first TRIMESTER!!!

I'm very glad for a few reasons... I'm suppose to get some energy back.. Yeah, I kind of need it, my house isn't looking the best... And then it decreases the change of miscarriage (one of my biggest fears) So .. YAY!!!

the baby is a size of a lemon (insert picture here :-D) (I'm going to be lazy this week.. sorry.. but this week while you're at the grocery store look at a lemon and think of my baby, k?!)

Church was crazy today. But it was good.. And now I'm tired and think that a nap is what is instore for me in a few seconds!


Friday, January 23, 2009

............ 49 days......

So i'm getting really excited and restless about getting to find out what we are going to have.

I guess the baby seems more real to me once I can give him/her a name. I can't wait to start calling it by it's name.. Though we still haven't picked it out... Bryan and I are very much UNALIKE. And it shows a LOT when it comes to picking names. We both have been talking for a while and can't agree on one... yeah, kind of a normal thing...

I really LOVE the name Kaleb... Kaleb (or even Caleb) Robert Anthony Bingham.. Doesn't that sound prefect? And for a football nickname or what not Krab.. (the initials) I've always wanted initials that spell something... seriously how cool is that?!:!

Bryan is stuck on the name Helaman. Yeah.. he hasn't even thought of a middle name.. I don't like the name.. it's too old..

Yeah.. we haven't even started thinking of girl names... we're really hoping for a boy, if you can't tell.... thrown around a few but nothing has stuck...

So any ideas? Bryan wants a strong backgrounded name, and I want a name that is cute, but can also be good for a grown up. Hmm.. It might take ALL 49 days or more to figure out this... I guess as long as we leave the hospital with our baby named it will be okay.. but i really want to have it all picked out now :-D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's been a while..

Yep, I'm twelve weeks (well tomorrow). My baby is the size of a lime. On tuesday I have another doctor's appointment.. and with all the snow, and the flooding I haven't gotten any of my testing done.. oops.

Today my husband got bored. So he took a matress of one of the girls' bed, and slid down the stairs with Emily and Hannah. They loved it.. Me? not so much.. They actually got going pretty fast.. It was a tad bit scary.

Funny Story Time: So emily was excited and was trying to talk to me.. But she was over excited and couldn't get the words our right.. So finally she turns to me, and in a sad voice goes "i've lost my words....." long pause ".......forever."
It was hilarious.. and no amount of talking with her and having her talk back to me could convince her that words were not lost.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Help.. I need some help..

Or maybe I just need to vent.

So.. Hannah decided that sleeping wasn't fun anymore. Infact she hates it. She has decided that getting a thousand things before being able to go to bed is a must, and then when she finally cries herself to sleep, she gets up about an hour later. And then hourly throughout the night... Until like 12.. then she needs to be up for a good half hour.. and then she'll entertain herself in her bed until she falls asleep.

So tonight I tried giving her LIMITED choices and told her that I wasn't coming back in her room (to answer her thousand demands).. She had to cry herself to sleep.. yes, i thought. Well... She went to bed at 6ish.. and 7:15ish she woke up crying... And she was so tired she wouldn't stop crying... and she just couldn't be calmed. After having to remove her from her room since she woke up Emily... A glass of water and a convincing later, she's back in bed. Who knows for how long... A few months ago we decided no more sippy cups of water to take to bed with them.. because it was becoming such a problem.. the spilling, the refilling, the changing clothing because of spills.. etc. And they did fine. ...
Maybe Hannah's at the stage where we had to give Emily a glass of water to sleep with.. that might be.. because Emily was having this kind of problem she would wake up, need a glass of water, and go back to sleep... that's when we started giving them a sippy cup of water at night beside their bed, so they could solve the problem themselves... So maybe we'll have to go back to that..

Any ideas?

I'm extremely exhausted due to this, and pregnancy.. And i'm at my wits ends.. (it's happened more then just these last two days..)