Thursday, April 30, 2009



I've never been the biggest fan of strawberries.. Yeah, I'd eat them here and there.. I've never hated them.. Just never LOVED them...

Welll... Pregnancy has made me want both of these two things all the time. Seriously. I'll sit and eat a whole container on my own. I just love the fresh juice-ness of them. And if you add it with the taste of yummy lemonade.. Perfect! And lucky for me... This craving has come when Strawberries are getting cheaper and cheaper. (good thing i'm having a summer baby!!!)

And on a different note... I'm having a bad pain day.. (on these days i'm suppose to do as little as possible.) So, we are having a frozen pizza (the cute individual size ones.. i cut it in half for the girls and it's perfect) And we decided on strawberries and carrots with dip to go with it. And I feel like a proud mom... Hannah's carrots and strawberries are all gone, and now i'm having to "force" her to eat the pizza :-D! I'm very grateful that the girls have this random idea that eating veggies is fun and cool! I hope they never learn differently!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The dresses...

I'm in a rush, so i'll have to edit the post later.. but this is what my girl's dresses look like.

(keep in mind, they're like my 4 and 5 things ever sewn.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

I know I've complained, due to the fact i've ALWAYS wanted a boy.... But there are some really fun things that are pretty special about girls:

1. Doing nails. My little girls love getting their nails done.. They lay out and make sure that I don't forget their toes. And they love the bright pink nail polish

2. Doing their hair. I love how excited and interested the girls are in this. They love being able to pick out the cute clips for their hair, and tell me how they want me to do it.

3. Making dresses. I'm currently working on cute summer dresses for them. I HOPE to have them done so they can wear on Sunday. Yes, this will probably make for a LATE saturday night for me :-D

4. The coolest thing about girls.. Is they can also play like boys. They can wrestle with Daddy, play with toy cars, and love playing outdoors, just like little boys can... but they also get to do the above mentioned things.

5. They can wear any color in the rainbow... Whereas boys normally don't get away with pink and purple.

Yes, we're having a fun little girly day. I'm excited for little Abby to get here.. I know the girls are going to have so much fun dressing her up with me! She's going to have two very good examples of cuteness to follow.

Side Note: The doctor's office just called. It is now officially on the calendar. July 21st. c-section at 7:30... We have to be at the hospital at 5:30.. man that's early.. But... Maybe there will be a chance we don't have to have a c-section..... doubtfully. but still. As my mom and sister pointed out.. They won't be able to be in the room if it is... Usually only one other person is allowed... the first birth without them.. no fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strawberry Lemonade and Pie.

This morning I woke up, and that's what sounds good to me. That's what I really want! Sadly, I looked in my kitchen and don't have all the ingredients for either.. But man, don't they both sound good. Like Lemon Merguine Pie.. MMMMMmm!

Seriously, I'm thinking I'm going to need to head to the grocery store for at LEAST the strawberry lemonade, i've been craving it for way to long!


Monday, April 20, 2009

A better picture of the girls' gymnastics outfits... (stolen from Grandma and Grandpa)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, Today was the first day....... It was sooooooooo much fun. Luckily Oma was there. AND she brought her camera too.. It was hard to take pictures because it was very parent involved.. Like cheering them on, and telling them good job. So Oma was able to snap a few pictures! We had a GREAT time.. And I honestly got the biggest "soccer-mom" high out of it. Needless to say, I wanted to sign them up for every class they could ever take.. but refrained..

If you know me at all.. (or my mom) we kind of like to do things to the extreme.. We got all excited and took a shopping trip, to try and find the perfect outfit for the girls. After trying to find some at Kmart.. And then calling local sports clothing stores.. Decided to give Goodwill a chance.. Maybe they would have what we were looking for.. And of course they did! We found the perfect outfits for the girls. I even went to the Dollar store and bought the girls a water bottle each. (and decorated it while they were sleeping..) Yes.. Every other kids was dressed in normal clothing... But mine (have a crazy mom and oma) were lucky enough to have special gymnastics outfits!!! Enjoy the pics!

Hannah on the "horse"

Emily on the "horse"
Waiting for our turn.

waiting (but you can see the cute outfits better)

Emily and Hannah after class.. They didn't want to sit still!
Emily asks as we were putting her shoes on "can we do another class?!?!" she was so excited. I got to inform her she gets to take 7 more classes! Yes, these are the moments I LOVE being a mom!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News, Bad News.

*************INTERUPT THIS POST*********************
I was writing the contents below and then realized.. today is my last day of triple digit days left in my pregnancy! Yes, Today I have 100 days left. Hopefully the last 100 days will go by as fast as the previous 100.. but leave time for me to get stuff done! Isn't that EXCITING?!?! 100 days seems like so much.. but 99 seems so much less.


So.. We're thinking that moving to Idaho is not going to happen this August. Some IMPORTANT things aren't working out as best as we hoped. There is still a chance, but not a very big one.
Bryan will still be going to school this fall.. just not at ISU. :-D He'll just finish completing his transfer degree at WCC. We think this is bad news.. We were really hoping that it would all work out... (though a lot of family will be reading this thinks it's really good news :-D)

The good news? Since we still have the money saved up, we'll be able to spend a little on a family vacation.. Which is MUCH needed. We're still planning on saving most the money we have saved up (we've learned having am emergency fund is helps us have a lot more financial peace... it's sure does take a huge burden off of things) But a little fun money to have some family time... We just need to figure out what to do for vacation.. I'm not sure I'm up for going to far... But just a week or so with family-stress-free-full-of-fun time. Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where to begin?!

So... Tonight I went to a relief society meeting. It was quite enjoyable. Though, I did leave a little stressed out.. How am I ever going to be the mom my children need. There are sooooooo many skills that I want my kids to learn, and I know the best way of teaching is by example. So if I want my kids to have certain skills, I need the skills.

After a second or ten of stressing about the lack of my skills... I figured I needed to make a list and try to fit things into my daily life better... Examples:
1. I want my girls to be able to cook. It's very hard for me to cook from scratch meals every day... but if I try to do it twice a week, or even once.. I'll be able to start there, and maybe get better at it.
2. I want my girls to learn to sew. I've thought about it.. and maybe I can take 1/2 hour a sunday at my parents house and sew with my mom.

These two are just small examples of talents that I hope to help them develop. There are so many more on so many different levels of importances..

I'm just going to start somewhere that is due able. I may never be able to save a million dollars when shopping or anything. But at least I will be trying to better myself and help my girls be better prepared for womanhood and motherhood.

I'm grateful Heavenly Father has given me the peace instead of stress in this situation.

Monday, April 13, 2009

July 21st.

So... I went to the doctor's today. (for a normal prenatal check-up) We scheduled the C-section.... Yep, July 21st. It's not a for sure thing. But if we wait to schedule it, the hospital is more likely to be to busy to have me come in in the morning.. And I would have to wait ALL DAY without eating, and thinking about the c-section.. Instead of waking up and going right into surgery.. So now that we have it planned.. I just have to wait and see how big the baby is. There is a chance (slim... but still there) that the baby will be small.. Though today I measured at 28 weeks, and i'm only 25, but the doctor is pretty sure it was how she was positioned. She also always kicks/punches any machine the doctor uses to listen/see her.. I witnessed her punching the ultrasound machine on Thursday.. And then today i felt her beat the machine to check for her heartbeat. It's cute.

So, we're thinking of Breonna or Abigail as her name. We have to figure out the middle name first... I'm really going towards Abigail.. I just really like it.

Umm... So i'm getting a little stressed......... 15 (or less) more weeks... which sounds like a lot.. but I have an appointment in three weeks.. and then i'm in the 3rd trimester................................ yeah. She's going to be here soon.... Sorry.. I just have a lot of stuff to do.. I have to pack up our entire house before having her.. because i'll be way to exhausted after having the baby to pack up. I don't think it's going to be to hard..... right?! If we start early enough then it will be a lot less stressful.. But i can't quite start yet.. Because we won't be moving until the middle of august (if everything works out).. So i can't pack away that we might need in the next three months.... I think that if I organize the girl's toys into containers then rotate the containers.. They will be all packed, but they will still be usable...................okay i'm ranting......... bye.

Options Options Options....

Okay. So we were going to start Emily in swimming classes..... I was talking with some ladies at church... And one of them mentioned her daughter taking Gymnastics at the YMCA... So I went and checked it out.. WOW! The prices are much more reasonable... But!! The have Gymnastics, ballet, dance, swimming..... and a few others... HOW IS A MOM TO CHOSE!?!?!?!
...... i'm thinking gymnastics... both girls can take the same class........ :-D So i wouldn't have to try and find a babysitter each week..... Yay!! We'll see...

I'm so excited! I think we're going to hold off on the swimming lessons.. I'm kind of dissappointed that the swimming lessons we were going to enroll emily in sounded at a level that was way to easy for Emily..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

From the moment I wake up....

This morning I woke up, and was very excited. Today is Easter! Yay!! ... I was so excited to go to church. I love the Easter program put on at church.
I've been having a few tough weeks.. And I knew this was exactly what I needed, A day to just sit back and remember my Savior. I was truly uplifted at church today. The musical numbers were just amazing. Emily and Hannah were almost completely quiet throughout the entire sacrament hour. Emily was so happy with listening to the music. I turned to her during one of the songs.. And asked her if she felt happy inside, and she said "yes." I'm so glad she will get to learn to feel Heavenly Father's love so early in life. Not only learn to feel it, but be able to understand what the feeling is. It was truly an hour of peace for me and my family. I'm so grateful for the Church. I'm so grateful for the peace and comfort, and happiness it brings me and my family.
I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ's sacrifice. When I was younger, I refused to repent. Not because I was a horrible kid, and didn't feel sorry for what I had done. But because I didn't want to be a reason for Jesus to shed his blood. I guess in a way I felt that such a perfect man had to die because I made stupid mistakes, and amazing guy died for me.. for plain, simple, unperfect me.. But, Luckily, I gained more knowledge. And I am so grateful for all the drops he has shed for me. I know he has already shed them, whether or not I decide to repent, so I should accept his sacrifice for me. I need to repent and not waste what he has already given to me.
I'm so grateful for today. I really was able to step aside from my life.. and remember what's really important. To remember, that when I get mad and am not a perfect mother, I will be forgiven if I ask to be. That I'm not expected to be perfect. That I'm only expected to do as much as I can, and then I will be assisted by a loving Heavenly Father in everything else I need.

I've been thinking this for a long time. My best friend posts a spiritual thought every sunday. It has inspired me every week. When I was 16 years old (or maybe i was younger), I made a goal for myself. I was going to bare my testimony for the entire year EVERY fast sunday. I completed the year, and continued doing this almost every fast and testimony until after I graduated from high school. This experience was such a strengthening experience for me. I was able to truly grow spiritually. To remind myself once a month what I believed. To remind myself out loud. SO.. I'm going to give myself a goal... It's only going to be a three month goal.... (since i'm going to be having a baby and life is going to get hectic) But each week on sunday I'm going to try and share one of my spiritual experience... weither I have it that week, or have had it in the past. Why? I feel that I need to remind myself outloud (plus this is a journal for me and I will probably end up printing it) more often about how Heavenly Father has blessed and helped me. Plus, who knows maybe I'll be able to also help someone else out..

So, i'm going to start today.

On Saturday... I was having a EXTREMLEY rough day. I called Bryan at work... And I told him, I just didn't think I could handle it anymore. Seriously, I was in tears and everything. His reply.. "have you said a prayer." .. Of course I hadn't. I didn't say it right away either... I was stubborn, and I thought I could just figure things out on my own. I was WRONG. Within a half an hour I was about to call someone for help. I was just over stressed, over tired, and my emotions were overwhelming. I got the girls together in their room, and we said a prayer. I prayed that I would have some peace and be able to feel the spirit better. After the prayer, I just felt different. I wasn't stressed, the stress literally just left. I decided to clean up the girls' room, instead of asking them to help, I just did it myself. Half way through, I noticed Hannah helping me. Then Emily helped me. They didn't help me a ton or anything. But they helped me. They then listened when I asked them to do things (like bring cups down to the sink in the kitchen, and etc.) they did it without me having to ask twice. When we were almost done I had this good idea to turn on some hymns. I went to the cd player. But the cd didn't work. So instead, I turned it to the radio, and some fun to dance to song was playing... And I started dancing (sitting down) and the girls joined in.. We then searched the radio for the next 10 minutes, going from one fun daning song to the next. It was so much better then I could have thought. I think it was just the break I needed to make it through the day. On top of that, it reminded me how much Heavenly Father loved me, and how he was watching over me helping me raise my little angels.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A bad day.

Today we're having a pretty bad day...

Emily has decided that after months of not having any accidences, she needed to make up for it and have 4.. in a row.....

I am grumpy.

Hannah and Emily (and probably me) are over tired from staying up way to late yesterday.

I'm thinking of taking them swimming but the closer it gets to time to go, the more i don't think I want to go.

It's one of those days... I just want to throw my hands up and quit.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So today Bryan called me from work.. He had a great idea for FHE... (bryan normally works monday nights, so we fit it in on another night)..
So.. Here it is (i know people have done it before.. but it was our first time)
We went to a drive in theater... with out leaving our home...........
Of course this involved first making cars that would fit in our home....
Daddy and Hannah were a team to make Hannah's car.Flames......And don't forget dice....
Emily and I were a team to make our car.. It may look simple from the outside but it's all about inside luxuries...
Yes.. Cupholder.. Seat Beat.. Keys... And a key holder... The best car a 3 year-old could ask for.. Oh and PINK tires.... and a license plate with her name on it.

Yes.. the keys were a big hit with emily.. HANNAH wanted keys.. but daddy didn't listen very well.. So she kept stealing emily's...
To finish the night.. we thought it was a good idea to watch the movie Cars.. :-D
Good idea Bryan..

Monday, April 6, 2009

There is Sunshine in my soul today...

Seriously! This time the sun has been here THREE whole days! It's been so fun taking advantage of it.. Though, I stupidly took my camera out of my purse friday and haven't remembered to put it back, so it's been a picture less adventurous day.

Saturday after conference we went walking around Lake Padden (bad move on my part) but we had fun.. The girls also got to also play at the park for a little while there.

Sunday after conference, we went to my parents house. And it seriously took us at LEAST a half an hour to enter their front door.. We jus sat outside, bryan hacksacked with my sister, the girls explored... We finally got inside, and then after dinner went back out and planned some plants in starter pot.... and just relaxed in the sun!

Today, we had probably the sunniest day, in my opinion.
I couldn't help but go outside. We went to Cornwall park.. We stayed about an hour.. There were like 100 kids (due to springbreak + Sun). Not so fun.
Then we had to check out Katie's Cupcakes.... It was really cute.. Though, I didn't like the cupcakes. :-/
Then on our way home.. I decided that maybe i would check out Fairhaven State Park.. There were only like 20 kids (at the very most) and it's such a nice park! So we spent another hour and a half there.. I was really sore, but luckily I could sit down while the girls played since it was so empty... Nice.

Now we are sitting at home relaxing.. Well.. that was the plan. But I think Hannah over played today.......... aka, BIG MELTDOWN. And she can't take a nap right now or else she will be up all night... and an hour of meltdown is easier for me to deal with then 3 hours of fighting her to stay in bed and go to sleep. The next hour might change my outlook on the day.. SO i'm glad I wrote the good stuff here, so once she's in bed.... I'll be able to read it again, and remember what a good day today actually was..

Now... .go have some fun in the sun!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Mommy, that's that guy..... that's the prophet!!!!"

So, we were going to attend General Conference at a church building.... BUT! Hannah has pink eye. SO... instead I laid in bed, cuddled with Emily, in my comfy clothing and watched it.. Let me tell ya, this was a very stress-free conference (so far at least). Hannah, really didn't sit still so after a few minutes Hannah decided to go play in her room. Which was okay with me, I was able to listen to the talks and explain things to Emily. I loved it!!!

While we were listening... (we were late in watching it do to techincal problems...but when we finally got the conference working..) Right before Eyring's talk, President Monson came up to conduct some more and Emily got really excited... "that's that guy..... that's the prophet" it was so cute, and made me so happy that she actually remembered something from my sharing time last sunday.

Okay, need to get undistracted.. enjoy conference, and the sun!

Friday, April 3, 2009


So, i'm still waiting for the doctor.. But from my research, it's normal.. and i'm just going to have to suffer through it.. and hope the baby doesn't actually pop out (it does feel like she will sometimes)... Hopefully the doctor will call and have a better solution then just waiting through the pain..

**edit** the doctor isn't sure what's going on, but isn't majorly concerned... I got my appointment moved up to next week instead of the week after.. so i only have to wait until next thursday in pain... and hopefully it will be solved.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I think I should call the doctor...

So, I've been pretty sore lately. I know that's a part of pregnancy. But I honestly feel like some one has kicked me a ton in a certain spot (or I just gave birth).. I don't think that's normal.. But it got so bad I just had to stay home all night (sorry Alicia.. I even made the deviled eggs that I was going to bring). The pain has been going on for over a week.. I know cramping is normal.. But i don't think this cramping is... Anyone else experience this? I'll probably call the doctor in the morning and hopefully they will say it's normal... or hopefully they will check to make sure everything is okay....

It's happening again...

Remember a while ago I decided to sell my kids?? (click here for a refresher) I'm having one of those days again....

About a second after I fell asleep, (i really really badly needed a nap) Emily comes in, "mommy hannah got poopy EVERYWHERE!"........ followed by Hannah saying "mommy, i need to go potty"...... yeah... she was covered in poop....... and there was a good amount in her room.....

So, I'm cleaning it off her, completely frustrated... And she starts freaking out because she decided she didn't want to be cleaned off, she wanted a piece of candy... I finally convinced her that she would get really sick if she ate a candy with poop all over her hands. All this with emily being upset there was poop in her room, and emily wanting to run back in her room to make sure it still was there.. And me not knowing where the poop was in her room because I was still working on getting the nasty of Hannah...

Yeah... I'm ready for Bryan to come home! I seriously HATE poop.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm a grumpy pants today.....

i've decided that I'm grumpy today. I don't really know why.. Actually I think it's because I'm stressed. It's hard getting what I want done with two (Cute) little girls climbing all over me.

We're leaning towards moving to Idaho. We still have a few things that need to be figure out first.

It's going to be hard. We need to figure out how moving with a newborn will be... How we're going to get all our stuff down there and us down there.

My ideal move:
-If i have to have a c-section, I'll have it at 37 weeks or about then, since if the baby is big I need to get her out soon then later, so she'll have enough room and hopefully not get DHD like hannah did.. that will give me 6 plus weeks before we have to move.

-i'm planning on having everything that we don't absolutely need packed before we have the baby. That way we will just need to put it on the moving truck.

-bryan and my dad going to pocatello at the beginning of august and find an apartment (we decided that we would rent for 6 months, that way we can find a house we really want... it's that or have bryan pick out a house for both of us) and a job for bryan.

-when we get there find a doctor RIGHT away for our whole family... (another big stress)

Yep.. that's about all the big stresses i have right now.... if everything goes just how i planned, then it might be a stressless move... But lets face it... Nothing ever goes exactly how it's planned.. but hopefully it will be close!

-have bryan's school stuff all figured out before we get there.. maybe he'll have to do it when he visits


April Fools.

So, as many know today is April Fools day. I have chosen to not participate in it the last few years.. WHY? you may ask. April Fools 2006 I called Bryan at work and told him I had just taken a pregnancy test, and it was positive. He actually was really happy for some reason.. weirdo. Then I informed him it was an April Fools Joke. Later that night I started thinking, I had been sick in the morning the last few mornings. I hadn't really had a period yet, since I was Emily, and she was only 6 months old.. So I couldn't really tell if I was late or not. But then I really started to worry... We went to church the next morning.. and i couldn't shake the feeling that I should go get a pregnancy test.... So we skipped the rest of church and went and got one.. Sure enough I was pregnant...
Yeah, so i figured I shouldn't joke on April Fools anymore....

Then, This morning.. I called Bryan back into the bedroom (he was getting ready for work)... and upsettingly told him my water had broken... He sat down and almost threw up out of worried-ness... (i'm only 23 weeks) I had to tell him fast "April Fools." It only worked because he forgot it was april fools.. For fear he would through up or something..... Maybe I shouldn't play april fools jokes on him... :-D But it's sooo fun....

The girls just get upset and start crying when I try to do a joke on them.. no fun at all..