Monday, January 18, 2010

What I've been up to...

I think I'm finally out of survival mode. Which makes me happy! It took me a long time after Hannah was born to get out of... Yes, probably because I had just had my first baby six months before I got pregnant with my second one. And so I had never had time to get out of survival mode with Emily.. I guess the time just added to each other or something. But Abigail is almost 6 months old.. And I'm really feeling like things are looking up. We still don't get to much sleep. BUT! Our house is really getting back in order. Not like it was before we had Abigail.. BUT WAYYYY BETTER! I'm so excited. We have three major more projects to do. And then I think our house will be a lot more efficent.
I read this quote online that goes something like this, "when decluddering, ask yourself: is this item worth the time." I've been getting rid of tons of stuff that is just taking up my time and space to clean. We've given like 4 bags to Goodwill of stuff, we've given away to people we know a bunch of stuff, and we have thrown away like 3 bags full of stuff! I'm loving this! I seriously a becoming a "throw away/give away/get out of my house"-aholic. Each bag gives me another breath of relief.. One bag lesss of stuff to clean and waste my time and space on! The girls are learning

We've gotten the back and front room downstairs taken care of, pretty much. We just finished the girls room (i actually got pictures). We have our room, the kitchen (which i don't think will take much), and our storage closet left!

I've got so much more planned instead of having to clean, and get no where. I am almost ready to start my card system. I'm excited! (i should really be doing dishes instead of blogging.. but that's okay.)

Here's the pictures!.. sorry kids are being needy.. check out the pictures on facebook if you really want to see them!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love Bryan.

I've just been thinking this lately.. Good, eh?

But seriously. I'm really lucky to have him to myself (well.... along with the other three girls in his life ;-) ).

I have this problem with comparing... and for a little while I was comparing the small faults Bryan has against people who don't have those faults... And then one day.... I was just thinking about him.. and I starting thinking about what he does for our family....

He gets up in the morning, rushes to school... and on the days he goes to school after Emily, he helps get the girls ready.. Then he goes from school to work (on lucky days we get him for an hour between school and work) Then after working he gets home (usually after 9 pm) and helps me take care of Abigail inbetween doing his homework and picking up the rest of the house (he has OCD, i swear, and can't do his homework in a messy house.. so if it is messy he has to clean it first). Then he gets to bed around 12 or 1, sometimes later depending on his homework load. Every night he gets the baby for me to nurse because of my alien baby problem... and he helps me put her back to sleep... and then he gets up and does the same thing the next morning.

He is an amazing father. Yes, he has his faults... though they are small in comparision of mine.
He's an amazing husband. He's put up with me through THREE pregnancys.. loves me through my emotional craziness. And still cracks me up.... at least once a day.

I can't wait until this stupid school thing is over, and he only haves to be gone for 40 hours a week (at least for most weeks). And we get to spend more time together, and more time together as a family.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catch Up?

Nope. I think it's why I haven't been blogging.. I just don't have time (or want to waste it) sitting here catching up. I know i should. I keep this as a journal and Lynda prints it out for me for Christmas and all... But..... It takes way to long to upload and write about all the pictures... Many I'll just post a whole bunch of pictures without writting anything about it.. Then you can just use your imagination and figure out what the pictures are about... Sounds good? K!