Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bryan needs to do a survey for an essay he has to write for a class. Please fill-out this as soon as possible!!

Please put the number of the question next to your answer! Please also answer as truefully. These answers are only going to be used to write my paper (no names will be put in it). Three ways of getting me the answers. First you could just leave them in a comment, the second you can message me on facebook, and third you can email them to me at I need at LEAST 30 people.. so please please fill it out! Please be honest. I won't judge you, I seriously just need it for a stinkin paper.
1. Age?
2. Gender?
3. Race? (optional)
4. What is your Educational level?
5. Would your comfort level be different if you were alone in an elevator with a severely disfigured stranger opposed to a stranger without physical disfigurement?
6. If you were incharge of hiring would you choose a person without physical disabilities over a person with physical disablilities (if there was no sanction by law)?
7. Do you feel a person with a disability should receive the same wage as a person without dispite the potentiallity of the person with the disability producing less?
8. If you were seated at a resturant, and a person in the booth next to you was disabled, making loud, involuntary noises,such as moaing or shrieking, would you feel comfortable remaining seated, or would you prefere to be moved? A remain seated, B move
9. Are you disabled? if so, if you are comfortable, state what your disability is, and if you have recieved any treatment different from that of your peers. was it positve or negative? if you are not comfortable, just put NA.
10. do you like SPAM?

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