Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm old.

So I think i'm officially old. I turned 26 on Tuesday... Yep.. old.

So much has changed since I turned 25.. some of the highlights of what has changed:

-i'm now a mother to 3 kids
-Bryan is going fulltime in school
-emily is in preschool
-i'm busier in my life then ever before.. with Policy Council (like pta for the preschools), variety of different sports/activities the girls are in, preschool, my church calling, and Abigial. annd soo much more
-My hair isn't the same color as it was last year.
-we have a different vehicle.
-and most important.. i'm truly getting wiser. Becoming a better mom/homemaker.. learning what things are really important in life.
-and recently i've been learning that life really needs to have fun in it.. it doesn't make all the hardwork worth it if there isn't any fun!

************* one year old and wiser too.. happy birthday to me!*********

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Andrea said...

Happy birthday! Two days ago!