Thursday, January 6, 2011

no, No, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abigial has official learned how to get out of her bed. No no no. Seriously. I was extremely upset when Hannah did it and she was 2. I was suppose to at least get another 6 months!!!

Man oh man, what are we going to do!

As cute as it is watching her climb herself out.... I NEED her to still take naps. And so does she.


Youngbergs said...

That would suck. As wild and crazy as Sophie is, she never climbed out of her crib. Isabella, however, is a climber. I'm pretty sure she's going to figure it out soon. Have you tried a pack 'n play?

The Bingham Four said...

Yeah, she is in a pack-n-play, that's what she's learned to get out of.