Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So next week is enrollment for kindergarten. Problem is.. I haven't decided what we're going to do. Should we continue homeschooling or should we give public school a try.

Biggest problem in deciding. Is both are good. I'm not against either of them. A year ago, I was completely against homeschooling. Now I like it. But I think public school is good too.

There are bad and good of both. So I just don't know what to do!!!

We're having another baby which will making schooling a little harder, but still do able.

I just don't know what to do.. What's your opinion? And please don't say anything about the "socializing aspect" of either. I am very well researched on both sides of schooling.. yet I just can't decide!!!!!


Lindsay said...

I'd say---let her go to public school. If you're having a baby---and you already have 3 young girls--give yourself a chance to sleep and stay sain. It will also give your daughter a chance to be independent of her identity at home...and might even help with having a new baby. She won't have to "HELP" mom for part of the day. She can relax--learn and play.

The Jensen Family said...

Here are a few things I would consider when making your decision.
1. Do you have a preference of teacher/class for her to be in?
2. Does your school district care if you register then pull out later?

For me personally, I totally have a preference of what class Clark is in next year, so I am definitely registering him first thing on the first day so I have the best chance to get what I want. Plus in our district, if you register during registration then they have an ice cream social for each K class for next year where the kids and their parents can come spend some time in the classroom and with the teacher before the end of this year, so it's a nice added bonus...since only the kids registered during spring registration are invited to attend.
Second, if there is no problem in your district with pulling your child out later (which I don't think there are any problems in most districts, most districts just do registration in the spring to get a count of kids for next school year) then I would say the register her and then you know you have options and can give yourself the summer to think about it. If it comes to August and you really think that K might be the best option then great you are already registered..just show up the first day of school. On the other hand, if you decide homeschool is best for you/her then just unenroll her from K and keep her home.

Basically I am just trying to say give yourself options by registering her now and take some stress off by basically giving yourself more time to make the decision. Hope that made sense and that maybe helps a little.

kaitlyn said...

i agree with what lindsay said. take some pressure off yourself and her. she can learn a lot of things at school, good and bad. which you can then expound on at home. you can do it!