Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lucas Bryan Bingham

So. We figured out a first name for our little guy. Yes, one we actually agreed on.

But then the middle name we've been stuck on for a long time. Bryan really wanted it to be a family name of someone he looked up to and such. A name that meant something great. He didn't want to use his own name. Probably seemed a little strange to him.

While in the shower I was thinking about what his middle name should be. The answer I got... Who is the man you admire and love most? Who is the most important man in your life? Who is going to be the most important man in your child's life? Who will your child admire most?

And the answer of course without a doubt is Bryan. So. I called Bryan up at work. And told him (not asked him) that his middle name was going to be Bryan. It may not flow as cute as I wanted it to. But it has a lot more meaning in it. What a special name he will have. The name of his amazing dad.

I'm excited to have a name. Especially one that I feel so strong and emotional to.

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