Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My frustrating Night.

.. okay. So I love my kids and husband.. but sometimes I think I might pull out all my hair.. So I "had" (bryan was making brownies and we need icecream with it) to go to the store.. The girls ar in bed, i tell them that they can have the light on for 2 minutes and then Daddy was going to turn it off... I get to the store.. get the ice cream and then remember we need milk and salad stuff and a bunch of other stuff.. Then I go to check out.. No card. I call Bryan. Yep, he has it. Run home.. Notice the girls' light was still on. Shut it off and told Bryan to check on them again in a few minutes to make sure it was off. Run back to the store, hunt down an associate to find out where my stuff was.. Finally pay for the stuff.. Come home to the girls' light back on. Turn it off.. wait a minute, turn it back off and sturnly tell them not to turn it back on. Within 15 minutes they are asleep.. BUT! Bryan added to much water to the brownies.. so they don't look so good. So no brownies for me... But at least I got ice cream...

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