Tuesday, September 1, 2009

(i stole these from Michelle.. didn't she do AMAZING?!)

Abigail is 6 weeks old today!? Man. Time is going fast.

List of things she's been doing (besides being amazingly cute):

-laughing, she's started to giggle here and there
-smiling. She has a gorgeous smile.
-she's still a pretty good sleeper. last night she slept from 9 to 7 only waking up once for a feeding. We like this!
-she's still our newest love our our life. She's a HUGE blessing. I'm so blessed to have three amazing girls!
-she's still a wonder to her sisters. They love her, and are still extremely interested in "helping" all the time.

We are so glad you chose to come to our family Abigail Renae! We're glad we have you forever and ever!!

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