Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Done.

I completely give up. This has probably been one of the WORST weeks of my life. Honestly.

Friday my dad went into the hospital.

Saturday I had to rush to the hospital because my dad was unresponsive. Spent the whole day at the hospital wondering if he was going to make it through the night.
Saturday night woke up all night with nightmares of my dad dying in the hospital0

Sunday spent the whole day at the hospital.

Monday Emily got sick with the flu in the middle of the night
Tuesday spent the day taking care of sick Emily. My dad got off life support and I could go to the hospital to see how he was so i had to worry from home. (since emily was sick. didn't want to get him sick)

Wednesday Emily's all better (or so it appears) Go down to Abigails appointment. Get her brace taken off (though there is a chance (very slim) that she'll need to go back in it when we are able to xray her in a few months) drive home and when we're almost home, have the car break down on the freeway with all three kids in the car during rush hour. Yes. EXTREMELY scary!

Wednesday Night: Wake up all night because Abigail keeps waking up for some reason (i didn't discover that it was because her feet got cold until 8 thursday morning)

Thursday: Get woken up at 3 in the morning with Emily sick still. We finally figure out it's Abigails toes that keep getting cold. Finally get her to sleep. Emily wakes up.. and finds out that she can't go to preschool again.. HAS A HUGE meltdown waking up the OTHER two girls. And so I've been battling THREE grumpy kids. And then I call the Auto Repair guy... and he informs me that my van can't be fixed.

Yeah. I'm done. Yes, things could be worse... And probably will get worse. I quit. I'm done.

Honestly I'm so stressed/tired/emotional that I don't know where to go from here.


kaitlyn said...

i am sorry melissa! is there anything i can do to help you????? i mean it. say the word! dinner? a treat? come help you clean or do something else? just let me know!

The Jensen Family said...

I am so sorry you have had a rough week. I wish I was there to do something for you!!!!
Hang in there!

Alicia said...

Dido on what Kaitlyn said. What do you need? Friend? Cleaner? Food? Hugs? Babysitter? Name it. Call me!