Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Safety Weekend at Lowe's

We like to go to Lowe's on saturdays (the second and fourth) to do the crafts they have for free. I was really excited about being able to make Firetrucks.. and when we got there, we got a plesant surprise! There was a fun little safety workshop kind of thing. We were able to go inside a police car (the officer assured me it was a new car that had hardly been used yet, and also got sanatized before he brought it)

Emily in the cop car

Hannah and Emily in the police car

Did you know that ambulances have built in child car seats? We found that out. I actually have always wondered what they would do if a parent had a child while in an accident or something like that.

Emily in the ambulance seat

Hannah in the ambulance seat (I probably should have cropped it or something.. but i'm trying to blog as fast as i can to get all caught up)

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