Sunday, August 22, 2010

26 reason's on his 26

26 Reason's why I love Bryan:

1. He's funny... Seriously Hilarious.

2. He's my eye candy. :-D

3. He's extremely talented.. Musically, academically, and creatively.

4. He stays calm in stressful situations.

5. He does so much for our family. School and work full time, then has time to play and help me with the kids.

6. He's a clean freak.. He's always picking the house up when he gets home.

7. He's fun to watch movies with..... he can actually remember who is in what movies and so forth.. Something that I can't do.

8. He knows so many random facts about everything, everyone.

9. He recently started working out again (like 6 months ago or so.. ) and YUM! He's got a nice body!

10. He's fun to take to social gatherings. He says he's shy.. But he's not. He makes any gathering so much more interesting to me..

11. He helped me make three beautiful little girls!

12. He always has a comeback.. I suck at this. But he can smoothly pull off any comeback. I envy it!

13. He's all about family. Family is his priority.

14. He has a lot of dreams. And he's talented enough to make them come true.

15. He has a tickle button on the back of his neck.. which is so fun to push. (it's a birth mark.. and so fun)

16. He's fun to kiss!

17. His weirdness makes me feel normal :-D .. he he eh.

18. He's way easy going...

19. He has a lot of passion in life.

20. He's a perfectionist.. Sometimes a bad thing.. But I love it most the time!

21. He's very giving. If we had a million dollars.. we wouldn't be rich. He'd buy everyone he loves exactly what they want, and we'd probably go in debt.

22. He constantly changing his look. Shaved one day. Not the next. Longer hair/shorter hair... And yet, he just looks amazingly hot either way.

23. He brings out the silly in me. Seriously. I laugh more with him then anyone else...

24. He's fun to take on adventures.

25. He's still my boyfriend and still gives me butterflies.

26. I don't think there is anyone else like him in the world. And I love it! He's all mine!!

Happy Birthday Baby-cakes!

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