Monday, September 8, 2008

Baked True Cod with Sour Cream & Dill

(not the best really looked a lot better in person!!)

I've been trying to have more fun cooking. When I was raised we always had some sort of beef, potatoes, and green beans for dinner (or at least 90% of the time). Bryan doesn't like potatoes that much, and he hates green beans. So I've been trying to make different things for dinner. Tonight I made baked true cod with sour cream and dill. I have cooked fish only one other time that I can remember (not a huge seafood fan). I think I did a pretty darn good job! It was inspired by a recent trip to Anthony's. I was eatting my food and decided I could make it. Though I need a little more practice, I believe It came out almost perfect! I steamed some green beans and made some garlic mashed potatoes to go with it.. Man, it was good!


Kaitlyn said...

wow! that looks gourmet... good luck branching out!

Youngbergs said...

Go you! I'm impressed! I should follow your lead; I need to work on having more variety in my cooking.