Monday, September 22, 2008

Newest Treasure

Last week Bryan calls me from work and tells me he has the perfect thing for our dvds.. I thought to myself, "sounds expensive." After he told me what it was. And to my amazing surprise he tells me that they were going to throw it out and he thought he would take it off their hands.. So we got it for free! It's not the same as the picture, but pretty close. It has a few dings in the paint (they used it to display the movies they had for sale and it's old). But overall it's in great shape! We got our DVD's all put in it, and our videos. The only problem is it's pretty much filled up. So if we get really lucky they will need to throw away another one, or we'll find one from a video store going out of business!

But I honestly think it's the COOLEST thing in the world! And the girls love it too! They have been surprisingly obedient when we tell them they can't play with it, which is so nice. I even but the dvds in alphabetical order! It makes it so much easier to find dvds, before they all were in a huge box.

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Youngbergs said...

Looks like quite the collection! And you say you're not organized! :)