Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's been a while..

Yep, I'm twelve weeks (well tomorrow). My baby is the size of a lime. On tuesday I have another doctor's appointment.. and with all the snow, and the flooding I haven't gotten any of my testing done.. oops.

Today my husband got bored. So he took a matress of one of the girls' bed, and slid down the stairs with Emily and Hannah. They loved it.. Me? not so much.. They actually got going pretty fast.. It was a tad bit scary.

Funny Story Time: So emily was excited and was trying to talk to me.. But she was over excited and couldn't get the words our right.. So finally she turns to me, and in a sad voice goes "i've lost my words....." long pause ".......forever."
It was hilarious.. and no amount of talking with her and having her talk back to me could convince her that words were not lost.....


Andrea said...

A lime already?! Whoa.

Um...that Emily story made me laugh out loud. For real.

Alicia said...

That story is hilarious. I love your narrative style. You are a good writer.

Alicia said...

Don't even worry about missing the baby shower! It's all good and we'll have another party soon!