Sunday, January 25, 2009

14 Weeks!!!

Yes! I am past the first TRIMESTER!!!

I'm very glad for a few reasons... I'm suppose to get some energy back.. Yeah, I kind of need it, my house isn't looking the best... And then it decreases the change of miscarriage (one of my biggest fears) So .. YAY!!!

the baby is a size of a lemon (insert picture here :-D) (I'm going to be lazy this week.. sorry.. but this week while you're at the grocery store look at a lemon and think of my baby, k?!)

Church was crazy today. But it was good.. And now I'm tired and think that a nap is what is instore for me in a few seconds!



Andrea said...

Aw, a little lemon baby!

Alicia said...

Good work!! The first trimester stinks! So glad you are done with that part!