Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Chapter

(okay so the picture doesn't really have much to do with the post.. but i just think she's adorable and had to share!!)

So. Life is changing. It really keeps getting better and more exciting daily!

*Yesterday we met with Emily's preschool teacher. She was very niice. She told us what kind of things they would be teaching, some of the field trips they will be going on. We also found out that they have family nights and dad nights. Just lots of fun things to help the kids! It involves parents a lot. Each morning as we drop Emily off there will be a project for us to do with her that will take about 20 minutes. Then we are allowed to stay as long as we fell we need to. Volunteering in the class is allowed and encouraged. Because it is a bigger preschool program (they have several different locations) they have something like PTA that parents can be involved in if they want, to help plan the family nights and such. They have a little playground and take them outside and do exercises for 45 minutes, and then allow them to play more if they want. They will be teaching her phonics. They have these "little programs" which teach them different things like sharing, taking turns, empathy, and etc.

Okay can you tell i'm a little excited?!??! Look for pictures after September 9th of her first day of school... :-D

*Bryan is going back to school and starts at the end of September. He's excited and nervous. This is no where as exciting for me to talk about as Emily starting school.. :-D

*Abigail is growing fast. She's already 6 weeks old. It seems like she's been here forever, but also not as long as 6 weeks!

*I was a little worried about Hannah's degression in speech. So we had her tested. I was pleasently surprised. The problems that I was worried about is a normal thing for her age, and is expected. Problems like not pronouncing the sound "gah" completely right or the sound "kah".. Normal 2-3 year things. She decided since Hannah is very talkative, she would do the test that they normally don't do until at least 3 years of age. I couldn't believe how many questions she was asked. By the end of the questions she was getting pretty bored and easily distracted by pictures (instead of answering the question she would give a story about it). The lady giving the test informed me that it was really okay, she just had to keep doing the test until Hannah got 5 zeros. (meaning she failed 5 of the mini tests)... At this point she informed me that they were already on the test for age 5. She still wasn't failing.. But then Hannah got completely bored and wouldn't even look at what she was pointing at or listen for the question to be done before answering.. We decided that the test was okay to be over.
Results of the test: Pronunciation: Age 3, Understanding: At least Age 5, Vocabulary: At least age 5.
The lady doing this test said the reason she has been degressing in her speech is because her vocabulary is going through a boom. So she's getting overloaded and getting "lazy" on her old words.. She said that it is something that will most likely fix itself out.

*I'm doing good. Though my hips still give me problems each day, I am able to do a lot more before they hurt. I've been really whipping my house back into shape, and my family! I've been trying to do the basics (laundry, dishes, making bed, cleaning girls room) every day and then adding one more thing. Today it was scrub the kitchen floor, scrub a wall (i'm trying to do one wall a day) and clean out the car. Some days I feel like I'm a better mom of three kids then I was as a mom of two kids.. but then I remember that i was pregnant for 9 months unable to do a lot :-D which explains how i feel.

Overall, life is good. Yes, we have had a few sleepless nights. But not as much as we could have.

I should go now, Abigail is sleeping and I need to eat some lunch and get back to being productive!

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Andrea said...

I've noticed that Eliot does kind of the same thing when he learns a new language skill--usually I can't understand him very well for a few days. I'm glad it's normal. :)