Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When is it Enough?

So today I was watching Dr. Phil...... umm yeah.

8 year olds transgenders....

Okay.. Maybe I'm a little "old fashion." But as an 8 year old kid... that wasn't even a word or idea I knew about. And I plan on raising my kids that way. I am disturbed at this whole idea. Sometimes parents need to say "no." Let's get things back on track here... Sometimes "change" isn't the answer.. Sometimes we need to try to go back to the foundations.. Life is getting way to complicated for kids.. Come on!

Sorry. This makes me mad thinking about all the stupid stuff my kids are going to have to go through because we needed "change."

The End.

****EDIT****** ... don't worry I watched this show while my girls were having "quiet time" in their room with the door closed... Don't worry.. I don't want to expose them to that crap earlier then they need to be :-D! End edit!


kaitlyn said...

um... yeah. i saw the preview for this and refused to watch. i agree parents need to say no!

plus, i have watched a show like this before (i think it was on tyra) and the girl that changed into a boy said something along the lines of they knew other people that did it, and their parents thought it was no big deal, no one in their neighborhood thought it was weird and they new a lot of gay people and they just thought that was the norm. i guess it comes down to what are your kids exposed to? that is what it seems to me. otherwise how would any of these kids even know about these things.

that show i saw last year on tyra made me be really careful about what i watch around blaine... ie csi or whatever, i wait until she is napping. i think that is a big part of how kids learn about these things.

(don't worry, i am not saying that you shouldn't have watched the show, just parents exposing their kids to these weird things early)

oh yeah, and when i watched that show earlier, i thought, well, what if something had happened.... but then i remember reading somewhere (the family proclamation) to remember that gender is an essential characteristic of our spirits and we were that gender in the premortal life and will be after this one. that made me realize how crazy this all is.

BTW the new layout is cute....

and you always write posts that make me really want to say something! i love it! (and hopefully you don't mind my drawn out comments)

The Bingham Four said...

yeah.. I watched it during "quiet time" (my kids don't take naps anymore) while my kids were in their room with the door closed!

Daniel said...
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Andrea said...

Yeah, that's disturbing to me, too. I don't even want to think about what things are going to be like when our kids are older...but I have to think about it, because we need to start preparing them now.

Daniel said...

Transgendered children is something that happens. The Medical Community recognizes it as a valid medical diagnosis with the ICD-9 code of 302.6 (for children).

Children at a young age (2-4) have a sense of gender identity and if they are transgendered will begin about then to emphatically insist they are boys or girls regardless of what their physical sex organs indicate. Part of the medical diagnosis is the length of time of the insistence. If a child consistently and for prolonged periods of time (months) insists they are a certain gender then that's what they are. Accept it and move on.

Transgendered children are normal, they just want to be recognized as what they claim they are. Change is the answer if you want a healthy child. If you want to force them to adopt narrow minded views you'll end up with a severely depressed child who is very confused, often suicidal, and definitely not happy. Once they're adults they will eventually iron things out and go back to the gender they've been claiming they were all their life but they will probably suffer a lot for having been put through a childhood from hell.

Now I can't speak for the quality of people on Dr. Phil's show but there are always people who simply seek attention in any way possible. Distinguishing between attention seekers and children who really are transgendered is left as an exercise for the reader. If you apply the diagnosis information the medical community uses (provided at the link above) it should be pretty obvious.