Friday, October 24, 2008

Potty Trained?

So Emily has been doing really good at going to the potty all on her own. Infact the last time she had an accident was sunday morning, due to the fact daddy forgot to get her to go before he put her to bed. And i was so excited. So today we were at a friend's house and I was telling her all about it, being a proud mommy... Little did I know Emily was making a HUGE mess in her panties/pants/down her legs...etc. Yeah. I looked stupid.

But I promise! Emily is almost completely potty trained. A whole week of HER telling US that she needed to go potty.. I think she might have it down. Yes she had an accident today but she's doing EXTREMELY well..

So we have this froggie that the kids were both AFRAID of at some point.. like MAJORLY afraid. But now they are best friends with the frog. Here is a video of Hannah getting her grove on with the "froggie"


And of course Emily wanted to join in and have herself video taped...



Andrea said...

Aww, they're such good dancers! LOL!

The Jensen Family said...

So we just found your blog. Glad to see that you are doing well and enjoying life. Congrats on getting Emily potting trained....what to work on Clark for me?! JK!

Michelle said...

Yay for Emily! It was such a relief when we finally got Brian to that point (yeah, like a month ago). I just found your blog through Natalie. I'll probably start stalking it. ; )