Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!


So, Emily had her birthday party...

BUT first we went out to IHOP with my family... minus my sick mom... and had breakfast and a special birthday pancake..

Then we had Emily's kids party.. It went really well.. I think.. I might have had to much planned.. We made crowns, Princess cakes (the cookies broke to much when i tried making them wands), we made photo frames and took the pictures of each kid, we had cupcakes and opened presents..

I got a bunch of pictures... I'll add them at the end of the birthday.. We are probably going to head out to chucky cheeses.. and then have a family party with our extended family at 6... and then the birthday is over :-( So.. Time to go have some funnnnnnn..


Kaitlyn said...

Happy Birthday to Emily!!! Let's see those pictures!

Andrea said...

Yay Emily!

Look, I'm on Blogger! Shh, don't tell anyone yet. :oD