Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6 quirky things

I was tagged by Kaitlyn. It's my very first tag on blogspot.. (though i've been tagged a million times on my other site)I am suppose to write 6 quirky things about me...
It's taken me a while.. because.. I have to narrow it down to 6 things.. I'm very quirky..

1. I HATE fancy or mixed food. My philosophy with food: keep things simple. I love fruit.. but gosh put it in a fruit salad and i can't eat it. When I go to nice resturants I have a problem because they over do themselves with spices and such.. I just want it simple! I decided this was the reason I would have died on a mission.. I am soo picky about food.

2. I never think of anything the way an y of my friends do.. Like one time in Young Womens the teacher asked us to tell her what we thought the Celestrial Kingdom looked like... Everyone answered the same thing.. but me. That's when I knew I thought different..

3. My best friend and I have almost nothing in common. It's weird but it works for us. We are just completely different. She's tiny skinny, i'm.. not. She's like a genius.. I'm just average, I love egg nog. She doesn't like it.. Though our husbands are remarkable the same.

4. I make up my own words. Bryan calls them Melissa-isums. I think my words usually describe things better :-D.

5. I get way to excited for things. Like on my third pregnancy I was so excited to find out if i was pregnany, right after buying the test at Haggens.. I went it the bathroom there and had to take the test.. I just can't handle suspense. I can't buy people's presents to far in advance because I get so excited that I either give it to them or tell them. (each year for christmas bryan usually gets a bunch of extra gifts because I buy them and give them to him right away because I'm so excited.)

6. I'm a visionary. I have tons of creative ideas.. And normally they are difficult. Like I started sewing.. and for my third project I decided to do a tie, and then a pair of jeans. Or like for church activities I like having fun announcements.. and bryan is always saying "why do you always think of things that take so much effort." I just have so many thoughts in my head... It's kind of fun!

Okay so i have to take some people...
Andrea B., Michelle J., Sarah Y., April L., Lisa L., and anyone else who wants to!


Lisa said...

He he he... I like your new Blogspot title.

kaitlyn said...

hmmm... the biggest thing that i got out of this is

YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!! ahhhhh.

i read your quirky thing about your third pregnancy and i was like what? is there something i don't know? i don't get it? then i saw your little baby on the side!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is great! when are you due?

Youngbergs said...

You're pregnant?!? Congratulations! I love how you did the test at Haggen's! Too funny!