Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So after a long time of being mad at the girls' room. I finally had the motivation to do something about it. I was talking about it.. .and bryan was like "why don't we do it another night.." thanks to my crazy pregnancy hormones.. i got mad.. and cleaned it all out. I also made bryan help (don't worry it was actually not that bad and we had fun remembering some of the toys and stuff... Bryan enjoyed wearing different dress up accessories) and it went a lot faster then I expected. We sat the kids in front of the t.v. (so much for the no more t.v. watching ) and cleaned cleaned cleaned. We took all their toys out and sorted them. We threw away A HUGE box of odds and ends. (by huge I mean like a small refridgerater box) Then we got the toys from downstairs and organized them into the other toys. So now all the toys are together and easier to play with. AND all in their room!!!!

I'm so happy. A week or so ago I got mad at our room and laundry and took care of it. Now the girls room is done....

I also did a bunch of the closet underneath the stairs..

My goal.. Have the house whipped into shape and all the extra junk gone before Christmas. THEN we'll have places to put and ENJOY our Christmas gifts this year.. Instead of Bryan stressing about the lack of room. OH! I also got the craft/linen closet all re-organized.. yes. my house got pretty badly unorganized... Summer came.. we had fun and slacked off.. Now RAIN is here.. So we have some boring times to get the house organized.

My Rain To Do List:

I want to reorganize my room again.. It's going to be like a once a month think, i have a feeling..

I want to finish the closet under the stairs..

I want to clean out all the cupboards in the kitchen.

Borrow my mom's carpet cleaner.. and clean carpets.

Wash Bathtub out.. and probably toilet.. They aren't too bad but I am getting annoyed at them. .. eh.. let's just say whole bathroom.

Get Laundry caught up again. This one happens for a day.. and then we're back to not having it caught up. I hate it :-/

Okay so I know you all are bored. Sorry.. you could have stopped reading a while ago :-D

Bryan and I are going to have a movie night at home.. Bryan went to Albertson's to get popcorn and drinks.. And then we're going to just relax. I'm excited. I bought a movie a while ago at Blockbusters. It was the 4 for 20... We've watched all but this one. So it's a new one that we haven't seem yet. I love it!
Christmas ideas... More movies. We love all sorts..
OH! He's home! Time to go!

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Kristina P. said...

I definitely have to get into a cleaning/organizing mood, but once I do, watch out!