Friday, November 7, 2008

The best part about the Holidays..

So a lot of people are talking about their favorite foods and such from this time of the year. Mine? Egg nog. I hope this year to try making it from scratch! I honestly go through a ton of Eggnog, due to the fact it's not sold all year long. I love egg nog with sprite, egg nog by itself, eggnog shakes, eggnog icecream. I just love egg nog! We normally always have egg nog while we put up the Christmas tree. I just love the taste and all the memories.
What's your favorite holiday food or drink?

(i was tagged.. i haven't forgot.. i'm still thinking :-D)


Michelle said...

Egg nog is definitely up there, but I always get excited about peppermint ice cream.

Andrea said...

Umm...why are we friends? I'm not a fan of eggnog. I don't know what my favorite holiday food is...I'll have to think about it.

Lisa said...

I love popcorn from the three-flavored popcorn tins. Yum!!