Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So today one of my good friends from High School called. She called me about two weeks ago... She found out she was pregnant, the baby was going to be her first! I was going to call her but missed placed her number, to tell her I going to have a baby a week after her.
When she called I was all excited to tell her. Though she told me that she miscarried on Tuesday. She had spent the night in the hospital and was now having to call her close friends and tell them the horrible news. That's how strong she is. I would just hid away from the world for a long time.

Misscarriage is one of my worst fears.. What do you say to someone who is going through this loss? Any advice?

I think we might plan a trip in january to visit her.. She's only a few hours away and we haven't seen her in forever..

If you wouldn't mind keeping her in your prayers.. She's been through A TON.

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Kristina P. said...

I think all you can do is tell them that you are thinking of them and offer condolences. I am sorry for your friend's loss.