Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doctor's appointment Today.

So.. I've been having contractions pretty much one an hour for the last two days. So I went to the Doctor's office with a little bit of high hopes.

Stats: I'm 75% Effaced (way up from last week.. i was only BA RELY 30%)
I am dialated to a.. (insert drum roll)...... not even a one. I'm dialated to a fingertip. That's all.. Yep all this pain for nothing (though I was COMPLETELY not dialated last week). Yeah, I'm kind of disappointed.

We're going to do an ultrasound again next week to see how big she looks. But Dr. Cook says he still feels a c-section would be best, if she doesn't come sometime this week-ish.

SO i have my pre-op appointment next week along with the ultrasound at the same appointment, and then the week after is my c-section.. it's coming up soon..... but not soon enough.

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