Monday, July 27, 2009

Sleep, where art thou?

So, Abby-cakes has been a pretty easy baby. Seriously. But last night. Man, hopefully she doesn't repeat it. For some reason she just wouldn't sleep. She woke up every hour with gas, and needing to be feed......... and then at 3 she decided it was play time. And finally at 6 we snuggled her back to sleep, yep she slept a WHOLE hour and 1/2, the most she slept in a row all night. Then she feed and needed to be snuggled back to sleep until Emily woke up.. Then she finally fell asleep enough to put into her bassinet........ and then Emily started watching Dora, and got excited and held on to her bassinet and was bouncing and woke her up... (which is what just happened as i'm writing this).... Hopefully she'll just sleep.

I might have to call in my babysitting favors...... We'll see how grumpy Bryan is.... Maybe we'll just take turns sleeping.

OKay.. maybe i'll post later with fun pictures... But right now, i'm just sitting here making sure Emily doesn't wake Abby up..

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