Friday, July 10, 2009

My list update.

Okay, so 11 days from now I will be holding my little Abigail. I'm excited, but need to stay focused. Here is my updated list.. The ones in red are done.. the ones in black aren't.

*Organize all the girls' toys into containers
*Finish organizing all the baby clothing into sizes
*Buy a new carseat. (after two baby's in one... and lots of blowouts.. our current one is looking a little worn.
*Wash off the MILLION crayon marks on the girls' wall
*Wash all the carpets in the apartment.
*Find the rest of the pieces to the bassinet and set up in our room
*Get the girls' schedule ready for where they are going to stay while we are in the hospital
*Pack hospital bags and girls sleepover bags
*Fold and put away all the clothing on the couch. (we got a lot)
*Wash out bathtub
added on today
*Clean out car
*make grocery list for when we come home from hospital

Okay.. so it might not look like we've done much in the last two weeks.. But there was a TON i didn't include in this list. Luckily we've gotten all the HUGE stuff done, we just need to do a few more things.
Currently bryan is working on the car, and i'm about to do some laundry (keeping up on things)... then we're going to move around the carseats so the girls get use to their new spots in the car.


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You guys are rockin'. I still have a present for you...well, for Abigail.