Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finding Joy in Motherhood

I was sitting and holding Abby, while Bryan took Emily and Hannah on a walk. And my heart was at peace. No, not because my house was a little quieter, but because this week has been full of things that have made me so happy to be a mom. (no it hasn't been an easy week, but well worth it)

Here's the list of joys I've found in the last 9 days:

*Right after they pulled Abigail out of me, she cried and cried and cried. I got this "strange" thought that I should call out her name. (with a c-section, they don't give the baby to you right away...) I said "abigail" and the crying IMMEDIATELY stopped. Yes she started crying again, but she stopped, and each time I called her name she would stop crying.

* Today Abby was crying in her carseat. Hannah and Emily decided to rock her and whisper "shhhh." She stopped crying for them. The girls we ESTATIC! "We calmed Abigail down!!!"

*It's been hot here. We got each of us a spray bottle from the dollar store to help no one over heat. Everyday I catch the girls with Bryan getting into a water fight, and LOVING it.

*Yesterday we were at my parents house. Hannah wanted something to eat, but Daddy was holding Abby. Hannah goes up to Daddy.. "Daddy, put abby down." He gives her over to me and Hannah takes Daddy by the hand into the kitchen. It was sooo cute!

*We got coupons from the preschool we are hoping to get Emily into for McDonalds. We went there and got the girls their free kids meals. When we got home Hannah opens her toy, she decided it was Abby's. And still won't take it back. She's determinded to share it with her baby.

*The last few mornings we've put Abby in the Boppy, then Emily, Hannah, and I sing her songs. We love this time and love sharing music with Abby.

*Everytime Hannah enters the same room as Abby she needs to kiss her.

*Whenever we go somewhere both girls ask "can we take Abigail with us too?" They just want to make sure she gets to stay with our family forever :-D

*The morning we had the c-section, Emily woke up HYSTERICAL! She thought that I had left without snuggling her. Something that we do every morning, almost. I love how small and simple things are so important to her.

*Morning snuggle time. It kind of goes with the last one. But on most mornings we are able to snuggle in bed together, it's probably my favorite part of the day... Just laying in bed with my whole family.... It usually ends with laughter and tickles.

OKay... I seriously could go on. I know being a mom is hard.. I have quite a few bad days. But seriously.. I love my girls! And they make life so much better.. All their little lights of sunshine, even through the tantrums!

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