Thursday, August 6, 2009

Abby's first bath.. and more.

I wanted to capture exactly what happened when she first entered the water. She liked it. My trick to a sucessful bath: warmer is better... seriously who likes a lukewarm bath?! I normally do it a little warmer.

Somehow I developed two extra arms during the bath :-D.. A two year old arm and a three year old arm. Yes, the really wanted to help!

Relazing after the nice bath..

I had to get a picture of her little feet.. I hate that she has to wear the brace... I never get to play with her little toes.

Whenever Hannah is in the same room as Abby, you can bet you'll find her doing a little bit of this:

She loves giving her baby kisses!

Sisterly Love..

She looked like she was pondering something serious... But now when I look at the picture, it looks likes she's ready to defend herself from her older sisters..

Abby in her brace...

On another subject. Emily is a genius. Seriously.
The other day she walked into our room and showed us her drawing.. Can you guess who this is?

(think Spongebob-y)

Then today she ran into our room all excited... "Mommy it's your name!!"

If you can't tell it spells "mom" with a few extra letters at the end


Andrea said...

It's Plankton!

LOL I like that you have a million arms in the video.

Chrissy said...

It's hilarious that she WANTED to draw plankton.