Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lynden Fair

This year we opted out of going to the Lynden Fair. (not my choice.. but Bryan's rational reasoning convinced me that it wouldn't be fun to take three kids to the fair, especially since Abby isn't completely on a schedule.)
So we headed to Hovander instead. We got to see animals, run around, play at the playground.... so we had fun like we would at the Lynden Fair, without the crowds.. but sadly without the yummy Curly Fries.
It was Daddy's first time going to this park. He loved it. He sat and admired the animals just like the girls.
This is what Abigail did while we looked at the animals...

Isn't this like the cutest picture EVER? What better way to spend your day then with your best friend. These girls love each other so much.

The girls finally got to go up the HUGE tower.. Thanks Daddy!

And a self portrait to prove I was there too! :-D (bryan doesn't take good pictures of me.. so i thought i'd just snap a quick one of me and abby..
And this was how busy the park was.. Man it was nice to have everything to ourselves the majority of the time!

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