Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Month Old

Abby Renae is One Month Old (as of yesterday!!)

Abby Info:

*we love Abigail. Seriously, she's a great addition to our little family. We're blessed to have her
*she no longer has to wear her brace. She's been out of it for a week now.. We love her toes!
*She's become a great little eater. But also a great little sleeper. She did have a few eight hour nights.. But averages about 4-5 hours of straight sleeping. So really she only wakes up once a night
*She loves being sung to by her little sisters and mommy
*Life seems to be going by fast.. Seriously she's been here a month already!??!!?!
*She's probably the most kissed baby in the world. Seriously, Hannah won't stay away from her!!!

Happy One Month Birthday Little Love. Wecome to your CRAZY but loving family!!!

***Side note: Abigail's baby blessing will be the first week of September. Everyone is invited to share this special day with us!!!***********

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Andrea said...

One month already?! What time does your sacrament meeting start?