Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So. Being a mom is hard. Being a wife is hard.
Hence the reason I use this blog to complain somethings.

Today. I think I earned this trophy and this ribbon!
Not only was I productive, I was also extremely loving and patient. I took the time to put on a crazy dance show with the girls for Daddy and Abby. We also had a "Clean-up Party." Let me explain this one. I have been getting rid of internet time to play more with the girls.
Every night we try to clean up the girls' room and have them help. Some nights it's HORRIBLE trying to get the girls to do it. Lot's of fighting. Once we finally get it all cleaned up and the girls in bed, Hannah comes out and says she's hungry... an then proceeds to come out 5 more times telling us the same thing. So tonight I decided to cut up a cucumber and get a bowl of pretzels and bring it up to their room when it was clean up time. They were allowed to eat if they were cleaning. Man! It got cleaned up fast, without fighting, and the girls did A TON of it. Extra points to me!! :-D
Yeah, I am having one of those good days and had to share!!!


Lindsay, Shaun, and Enoch Weldon said...

Hi, Melissa! I love eating cucmbers...with ranch. I cut them into fry shapes so it feels like finger food...and is easier to dip over and over.

Anyway, on a side note, I haven't caught up with you lately and was wondering if your family was still planning on moving soon? (If not, I'd be delighted...)

Andrea said...

Clean-up party...good idea!