Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad Boy bad boy....... whatcha gonna do?

So.. Funny story time!

I've been cutting Bryan's hair for a year now (he got the shaver for christmas last year). We decided it's way more affordable, since he needs a hair cut like monthly.. $16 for a hair cut x 12 months... in a year we've saved $192.00, Niccccee. Anyways. Tonight I cut it like normaly. And then trimmed around his neck.. i love a clean neck line.. :-D. Then bryan went to do his touch-ups, he's a perfectionist. OOPS he forgot that I took the guide comb and started doing a touch up in the front of his hair. He turned and said "you forgot to put the piece back on." I looked at him and busted out in laughter..... Like I couldn't breath, I sounded funny, almost died laughter. After about 5 minutes, I tried to fix his hair... BUT I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING!!! After like 10 more minutes, and a trip to the toilet (yeah i almost peed myself i was laughing so freakin hard), I finally was able to stop laughing long enough to recut his hair.. This time.. very short. Yes I did have to take a ton of breaks... I don't know why it was so freakin funny to me.. But it was. Don't get me wrong... He still looks hot. It's shorter then normal.. More like a ganster/bad boy type of hair cut.. which i'm very much okay with. But yes.. When you see him.. You'll notice it's very much shorter then normal.. AND IT'S NOT MY FAULT!


Alicia said...

The cut will just last longer. I know what you mean about a clean neckline. We really need to invest in a good trimmer for Brandon. We just keep forgetting to get one.

Andrea said...

When I see him, am I allowed to laugh too? ;)

Chris Main said...

So what goes around does come around. Remember last summer and Robbie. Guess it smarter to do it in the summer when it is hot than to freeze in the winter.