Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Quotes of the Day:

So.. we got up at a little before 7 am to open christmas presents.. .which made for a good time.. and some funny quotes...

Lynda decided to wrap the rest of Emily's underwear that was still in a package... She was so excited when she opened it .. she exclaimed, "A new package of opened underwear!!!"

Lynda also decided to wrap Hannah's diapers.. She was bored or something.. Hannah came to Lynda, laid on the floor and exclaimed, "Change me!" She was so excited for her diaper present.. weirdo!

Emily was so excited to try on her new undies, that she stripped right infront of everyone in order to try them on.. Which was a huge surprise for everyone who wasn't paying attention.. and really hilarious!

Life is going good for us on this Christmas day.. I'll probably follow up in a few days with pictures...

But it's almost time for dinner.. We decided dutch style pork chops and dutch style meatballs with potatoes in helping Mom get into the Holland mood.. She's leaving for there at 2 in the morning tomorrow :-D!

Well.. food is calling me! Hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas day.

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