Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve.

It's Christmas Eve..

I'm so excited.. Since it's snowy we decided it wasn't safe to head to my parents house to early christmas morning.. So I convinced bryan to let us go sleep over there. I know that all us kids are grown-up now and stuff... But my sister's still wake up early in the morning and get way excited... and this year I get to join them! It's one of my favorite things about Christmas! The waking up early and all excited! .. makes me feel like a kid again..

The girls are so excited already! They got to open two presents today... Since I was just so excited for them... he he eh.. And they can't wait till tomorrow to open the other ones.. It's sooooooooo cute. Hannah keeps saying, "I want santa to come." And we are using it to our benefit... "santa won't come to girls who don't listen to their parents.." and etc.. and it's working so well!!

Okay.. well better get the girls all pack and stuff.. and figure a way to get our car out.. hopefully it won't get stuck again.. it's so embarrasing...

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Andrea said...

I know, getting stuck is embarrassing! Happy Christmas Eve!