Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Day

So we woke up to snow this morning. Though we knew we would since we watched it fall last night. BUT! It was a big surprise for the girls. They came into our room and said "it's morning, the sky's light is on." And I replied, "go look out mom's window, there's a surprise." I heard this big happy gasp and Emily exclaimed, "IT SNOWED!!!" So we got a towel out, opened the door, got some snow, and let the girls play with it on the towel. Then we got a call saying church was canceled. So we did what any smart parent would do.. We turned on some cartoons for the girls and fell back to sleep!

Then we finally decided it was time to get up. We had planned on having a huge breakfast a few days ago.. but it never happened. So we had all the stuff for it and decided today would be the perfect day. I made pancakes, bacon, toast, eggs, and juice. We got some of our homemade applesauce out and had this huge breakfast. We learned though, we need to have smaller huge breakfasts.. Since we have a bunch of leftovers :-D.

After breakfast (more like brunch) we bundled the girls up and opened the door to the balcony in our room. They got to go out and freeze while we relaxed in our bed nice and warm!

Emily was so happy.. and Yes they did have like three layers of clothing on.. IT WAS FREEZING!!!!

And now we are just having some down time.. maybe we'll make cookies or something later :-D

Hope everyone else is having a fun snow day!! I hate the snow.. but today it's turning out to be an okay snow day!!


Michelle said...

We took our boys out in the snow and after about 30 seconds, they were ready to come in. It was just too cold.

kaitlyn said...

i love the snow! i am glad your kiddos got to go outside. blaine just got to look at it. (we don't have any snow clothes for her).

i don't think it is too bad in washington because it doesn't stay around long enough for me to get sick of it. plus what december is good without a little white? it is lame when it looks the same outside as september or april or any month in between! ;)