Monday, December 8, 2008

Hannah's Stats

So.. Today we had Hannah's Dr. Appointment.. and the verdict?! she's an extremely Health and extremely smart little girl.. The doctor was impressed with her non-stop talking... He he eh..
But she's 31 1/2 pounds (92%) and 37 1/2 inches tall (well over 100% .. )

She really is an amazing little girl. It makes me so proud of her, two years ago she was struggling with so much. Only one of her four limbs worked correctly. If you look at her today.. You couldn't tell that she was in a leg brace for more then 5 months, and that for a long time her arm just sat paralized. Not only has she overcome all those obstacles so far, but she's surpassed the normal expectations. She started walking early, talking early, and her motor skills are also normal or advanced. She is such a fighter! And she doesn't even know it! Okay.. she probably does know it.. she's just that smart :-D.

We love Hannah so much!! Even when her Evil Twin shows up :-D

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