Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adventure of the day.

Last year I heard about everyone going to the Boxx Berry Farm Strawberry Festival. I told myself this year we would make it.. Yes that was before I knew I was going to be so pregnant.. BUT! We made it anyways, thanks to a little help from Auntie Lynda!

We saw A TON of people we knew.. Including our favorite family the Bensons!! (though i didn't end up getting any pictures with them...

We first arrived and the girls wanted to go on the train/tractor.
At the beginning of the ride, they weren't so sure about it..

By the end they were smiling and really happy!!

The girls then got their faces' painted. Emily got a beautiful butterfuly.... and Hannah, wouldn't stop moving.. her butterfly didn't turn out quite as nice..

Then we got to take a tour of the farm via a tractor ride

This is what Emily spent the ride doing.. She was so excited by the truck.. She decided the wheels were growing.. silliness!

I was exhausted... But Lynda and the girls convinced me that we NEEDED to pick strawberries.. I almost lasted long enough.. but ended up going and sitting down while they finished up.
The best part about picking the strawberries.. Was eatting all of them while we picked.. The girls LOVED them.

Emily and her FULL tummy! She ate a lot of them..

It was a messy but fun adventure!!
I recommend it for all those that missed out on it this year.. mark your calendar next year! it's fun!!

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Lisa said...

you guys definitely had a great time!!