Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another trip, Another return.

Last night I noticed that I hadn't really felt Abigail kick very much through-out the entire day. So at 10 last night, i decided to sit and count. She kicked a little, but they were weak. I figured it was late so maybe she was resting.. I'd just check in the morning.

Usually in the morning I wake up to Abby beating me up. This morning she didn't. Then I decided it was time to drink some Orange Juice. That makes her go CRAZY. ... and hour later, still nothing. So it was time to go to the hospital. We got there for the Non Stress Test (NST) at 11... 11:05 she decided it was time to move... and she just wouldn't stop. She HATES the monitor... So she just went crazy, finally. (yes, i was embarrased.. but better save then sorry) we stayed for the 1/2 hour, and then were able to go home. She has really calmed down again, but is still making some movements here and there.

She is driving me crazy.... I hate the worrying part of pregnancy. But it's almost over, right? 6 more weeks...

My doctor wants me to do another one on friday. Then i see him the next week. It's getting closer and closer.. and she has decided to make sure I'm ready... By panicking me over and over :-D

Next weekends goal: stay out of the hospital.. i've already been there two weekends in a row.. lets not make it a tradition.

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Youngbergs said...

I'm glad everything is ok!