Friday, June 12, 2009

Puke, Puke, go away.

So this morning at 2 Emily came into our room... "i'm not feeling well".... But then she went pee and said she was feeling better and went back to bed.

Then at 4 we woke up to emily trying to tell us she was going to puke.. and then puked.

We weren't excited. But that was the end of it. Nothing, all day......

We decided to go to listen to Lynda play the piano tonight.. We were almost there... Then... PUKE.. Emily puked all over herself.

Weird?! I think so.. She went 15 hours feeling well and then she puked again.. I hope that's the end of it. I guess only puking twice would be a lucky flu...... I REALLY HOPE IT'S THE END OF IT!

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